Tainan Science Park

Coordinates: 23°06′05″N 120°16′56″E / 23.101282°N 120.282106°E / 23.101282; 120.282106

Tainan Science Park (Chinese: 台南科學園區) of Taiwan is located in Sinshih, Shanhua and Anding Districts of Tainan City with a total area of 2,565 acres (10.38 km2), and is a part of the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP).[1][2]

Tainan Science Park
TSMC in Tainan Science Park.JPG
LocationXinshi, Tainan, Taiwan
Opening date1997
Size10.38 km2


On 1 July 1993, the Executive Yuan approved the establishment of a science park in southern Taiwan as part of the Economic Revitalization Plan.[1] The Phase I site of the park was approved in May 1995 and totaled 1,577 acres (6.38 km2), marking the beginning of high-tech development in southern Taiwan.[2] Phase II was approved in September 2001 and covered an area of 988 acres (4.00 km2)[2] The park focuses on optoelectronics, integrated circuits, biotechnology, and precision machinery industries.[2]

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