Tainan City Fire Bureau Second Division

The Tainan City Fire Bureau Second Division (traditional Chinese: 台南市消防隊第二分隊; simplified Chinese: 台南市消防队第二分队; pinyin: Táinán Shì Xiāofáng Duì Dìèr Fēnduì) is a fire station in West Central District, Tainan, Taiwan.

Tainan City Fire Bureau Second Division
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General information
Typefire station
LocationWest Central, Tainan, Taiwan
Coordinates22°59′33.3″N 120°12′15.4″E / 22.992583°N 120.204278°E / 22.992583; 120.204278Coordinates: 22°59′33.3″N 120°12′15.4″E / 22.992583°N 120.204278°E / 22.992583; 120.204278
ClientNational Fire Agency
Technical details
Floor count3


The fire station building dates back to the time of Taiwan under Japanese rule. A fire lookout tower was built in 1930, as the tallest structure in Tainan city center at that time. Two wings were added in 1937-38, and the building was then renamed Tainan He Tong Building (Chinese: 台南合同廳舍), meaning Tainan Joint Government Offices: one wing housed the police headquarters and a kōban, while the other wing was (and still is) a fire station, with the oldest surviving fireman's pole in Taiwan.[1] Since its inception, the building has undergone three renovations. The building was declared a historical monument in 1998.[2]


The fire station building is an example of Japanese-Western Eclectic Architecture, consisting of a three-stories structure, with the fire lookout tower standing up to seven stories high.[2]


The building is accessible within walking distance southwest of Tainan Station of Taiwan Railways.

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