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Taimani (Dari: تایمنی‎), also spelled Taimany and also called Proja-e-Taimany or Taimani Project, is a locality in north-western Kabul, Afghanistan.[1]. It forms part of administrative District 4. Taimani is located near Shahr-e-Naw, Kolola Pushta, and Khair Khana.


Kabul City Map.svg
Coordinates: 34°33′N 69°09′E / 34.550°N 69.150°E / 34.550; 69.150Coordinates: 34°33′N 69°09′E / 34.550°N 69.150°E / 34.550; 69.150
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceKabul Province



Kabul's most popular Science Academy (Nazar Zulmai's Science and English Language Learning Center) is located in this district.[2][3]

Wedding hallsEdit

This part of Kabul has many wedding halls, which makes it popular.

Postal codeEdit

The area's government postal code is 1007.[4]


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