Tail (Chinese constellation)

The Tail mansion (尾宿, pinyin: Wěi Xiù) is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the eastern mansions of the Azure Dragon.

Wěi Xiù map


English name Chinese name European constellation Number of stars Representing
Tail Scorpius 9 Azure Dragon's tail, refer to the temple
Changing Room simplified Chinese: 神宫; traditional Chinese: 神宮 Scorpius 1 Changing rooms in the temple
Tortoise simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: Ara 5 Galaxy in the turtle, refer to the good and bad
Celestial River 天江 Ophiuchus 4 The silver-river-shaped galaxy
Fuyue simplified Chinese: 傅说; traditional Chinese: 傅說 Scorpius 1 Fu Yue was a former slave that became a high-ranking minister to Shang Dynasty ruler, Wu Ding
Fish simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: Scorpius 1 Fish in the galaxy