Taichū Prefecture

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Taichū Prefecture (1925)
The Taichū Prefecture government building now serves as the Taichung city government building.

Taichū Prefecture (臺中/台中州, Taichū-shū) was one of the administrative divisions of Japanese Taiwan. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Taichung, Changhua County and Nantou County. It is also the origin of the name of modern-day Taichung. The Taichū Prefecture was the scene of the 1930 Musha Incident, the last major uprising against colonial Japanese forces in Japanese Taiwan.[1]


Total population 1,380,187
Japanese 46,371
Taiwanese 1,329,620
Korean 333
1941 (Showa 16) census.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Cities and DistrictsEdit

In 1945 (Shōwa 20), there were 2 cities and 11 districts.

Cities (市 shi) Districts (郡 gun)
Name Kanji Kana Name Kanji Kana
Taichū City 臺中市 たいちゅうし Daiton District 大屯郡 だいとんぐん
Toyohara District 豊原郡 とよはらぐん
Tōsei District 東勢郡 とうせいぐん
Taikō District 大甲郡 たいこうぐん
Shōka City 彰化市 しょうかし Shōka District 彰化郡 しょうかぐん
Inrin District 員林郡 いんりんぐん
Hokuto District 北斗郡 ほくとぐん
Nantō District 南投郡 なんとうぐん
Niitaka District 新高郡 にいたかぐん
Nōkō District 能高郡 のうこうぐん
Takeyama District 竹山郡 たけやまぐん

Towns and VillagesEdit

The districts are divided into towns (街) and villages (庄)

District Name Kanji Notes
Ōsato village 大里庄 Today Dali District
Muhō village 霧峰庄 Today Wufeng District
Ōtaira village 大平庄 Today Taiping District
Hokuton village 北屯庄 Today Beitun District
Saiton village 西屯庄 Today Xitun District
Nanton village 南屯庄 Today Nantun District
Ujitsu village 烏日庄 Today Wuri District
Toyohara town 豊原街 Today Fengyuan District
Kamioka village 神岡庄 Today Shengang District
Daiga village 大雅庄 Today Daya District
Naiho village 內埔庄 Today Houli District
Tansi village 潭子庄 Today Tanzi District
Tōsei town 東勢街 Today Dongshi District
Isioka village 石岡庄 Today Shigang District
Shinsha village 新社庄 Today Xinshe District
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Heping District
Taikō town 大甲街 Today Dajia District
Kiyomizu town 清水街 Today Qingshui District
Gosei town 梧棲街 Today Wuqi District
Gaiho village 外埔庄 Today Waipu District
Daian village 大安庄 Today Da'an District
Sharoku village 沙鹿庄 Today Shalu District
Tatsui village 龍井庄 Today Longjing District
Taito village 大肚庄 Today Dadu District
Rokkō town 鹿港街 Today Lukang Township
Wabi town 和美街 Today Hemei Township
Sensai village 線西庄 Today Xianxi Township and Shengang Township
Hukkō village 福興庄 Today Fuxing Township
Shūsui village 秀水庄 Today Xiushui Township
Kadan village 花壇庄 Today Huatan Township
Hun'en village 芬園庄 Today Fenyuan Township
Shōka town 彰化街 Upgraded to a city in 1933. Today Changhua City
Ōtake village 大竹庄 Abolished in 1933, annexed into Shōka City
Nankaku village 南郭庄 Abolished in 1933, annexed into Shōka City
Inrin town 員林街 Today Yuanlin Township
Keko town 渓湖街 Today Xihu Township
Tanaka town 田中街 Today Tianzhong Township
Ōmura village 大村庄 Today Dacun Township
Hoen village 埔塩庄 Today Puyan Township
Hashin village 坡心庄 Today Puxin Township
Eisei village 永靖庄 Today Yongjing Township
Shatō village 社頭庄 Today Shetou Township
Nisui village 二水庄 Today Ershui Township
Hokuto town 北斗街 Today Yuanlin Township
Jirin town 二林街 Today Erlin Township
Tao village 田尾庄 Today Tianwei Township
Hitō village 埤頭庄 Today Pitou Township
Sunayama village 沙山庄 Today Fangyuan Township
Ōshiro village 大城庄 Today Dacheng Township
Chikutō village 竹塘庄 Today Zhutang Township
Keishū village 渓州庄 Today Xizhou Township
Nantō town 南投街 Today Nantou City
Sōton town 草屯街 Today Caotun Township
Chūryō village 中寮庄 Today Zhongliao Township
Nama village 名間庄 Today Mingjian Township
Shūshū town 集集街 Today Jiji Township and Shuili Township
Gyochi village 魚池庄 Today Yuchi Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Xinyi Township
Hori town 埔里街 Today Puli Township
Kokusei village 国姓庄 Today Guoxing Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Ren'ai Township
Takeyama town 竹山街 Today Zhushan Township
Shikatani village 鹿谷庄 Today Lugu Township

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