Tai Geng (Chinese: 太庚) or Da Geng, personal name Zi Bian (子辨), was a king of the Shang dynasty of ancient China.

Tai Geng
King of Shang dynasty
Reign1592–1567 BCE
Full name

In the Records of the Grand Historian he was listed by Sima Qian as the sixth Shang king, succeeding his brother Wo Ding (小辛). He was enthroned with Bo () as his capital. He ruled for 25 years (although the Bamboo Annals claim 5 years), was given the posthumous name Tai Geng and was succeeded by his son Xiao Jia (小甲).[1][2][3]

Oracle script inscriptions on bones unearthed at Yinxu alternatively record that he was the fifth Shang king succeeding his uncle Bu Bing (卜丙), given the posthumous name Da Geng (大庚) and succeeded by his brother Xiao Jia.[2][3]


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Tai Geng
Regnal titles
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