Tafila Wind Farm

Tafila Wind Farm is a 117 MW wind farm located in Tafilah Governorate, Jordan. The farm consists of 38 turbines and was inaugurated in December 2015 by King Abdullah II. The project, which cost $287 million, is the first wind farm in the Kingdom and the region.[1] The venture aims to diversify energy resources in Jordan and boost the renewable energy contribution in the total energy mix.[2]

Tafila Wind Farm
Tafila Wind Farm 2.jpg
LocationTafilah Governorate
Coordinates30°42′02″N 35°40′42″E / 30.7005°N 35.6783°E / 30.7005; 35.6783Coordinates: 30°42′02″N 35°40′42″E / 30.7005°N 35.6783°E / 30.7005; 35.6783
Construction began2013
Commission date2015
Construction cost$287 million
Owner(s)Jordan Wind Project Company
Wind farm
Rotor diameter112 meters
Rated wind speed12 m/s
Site elevation1400-1700 m
Power generation
Units operational38
Make and modelVestas V112-3MW
Nameplate capacity117 MW
Annual net output400 GWh
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