Tada Station (Hyōgo)

Tada Station (多田駅, Tada-eki) is a railway station in the city of Kawanishi, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. It is a stop on the Myōken Line of the Nose Electric Railway. Tada Station has two platforms with two tracks between them. The tracks are at ground level. The platforms are long enough to accommodate six-car trains. Operations at Tada began on April 13, 1913.

In the vicinity of the station is the thousand-year-old Tada Shrine. One of the Three Genji Shrines, it is the birthplace of the Seiwa Genji clan of warriors. Also near the station are Izumiya and Daiei chain stores. Nippon Boehringer-Ingelheim has a research center nearby.

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Tsuzumigataki Station — Tada Station — Hirano Station


This article includes material translated from 多田駅 (Tada-eki (Hyōgo-ken)) in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved on June 28, 2008.

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