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Taboon bread (Arabic: خبز طابون‎‎) or Lafah/Lafa (Arabic: لفة‎‎) is a Middle Eastern flatbread. In Israel it is also called láfa (Hebrew: לאפה‎‎) or Iraqi pita (Hebrew: פיתה עיראקית‎‎), and in Jerusalem sometimes esh-tanur (Hebrew: אַשתנוּר‎‎).[1]

Taboon bread
Lch (20).JPEG
Taboon bread, main component of musakhan
Type Flatbread wrap
Place of origin Middle East (Levant/Iraq)
Region or state Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey and Yemen
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It is used as a wrap used in many cuisines. This type of flatbread is traditionally baked in a Tabun oven and eaten with different fillings.[2]

Taboon bread is sold as street food, stuffed with hummus, falafel or shaved meat.[3] Taboon bread is a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine worldwide.[4]


  • Lafah or Lafa (Arabic: لفة‎‎) is an Iraqi pita that is of medium thickness, slightly chewy, doesn't tear easily, and is mostly used to wrap shawarma in food stands. It is popular in Israel,[5][6] where it is common at bakeries and food stands.

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