Taagepera Church (Taagepera's Saint John's church, Estonian: Taagepera Kirik) is a church in the village of Ala, Tõrva Parish, Valga County in southern Estonia. The building, which is made of stone and has a wooden tower,[1][unreliable source?] was constructed in 1674. It is located on a small hill overlooking the village of Taagepera and has an associated cemetery.[2][need quotation to verify] It has an organ built by Ernst Carl Kessler, who made the first organ in Sitka, Alaska.[3][need quotation to verify]

Taagepera Church
Taagepera Kirik
General information
Town or cityTaagepera
Coordinates58°00′49″N 25°41′11″E / 58.0135°N 25.6863°E / 58.0135; 25.6863

The building is registered in the Kultuurimälestiste riiklik register (National Register of Cultural Monuments) of Estonia, effective 27 September 1999.[4]

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