TV Slagalica

TV Slagalica (Serbian Cyrillic: ТВ Слагалица; English: TV Puzzle) or simply Slagalica is Serbia’s longest-running quiz show[citation needed] produced by RTS and airs on RTS1. It is based on Des chiffres et des lettres, a French game show. It first aired on 22 November 1993. at 7 pm. It consists of seven simple mind games (word, number and knowledge games). Contestants play for a spot in the quarter finals, semi finals and then the finals. Contestants win prizes as they progress. It has three female hosts: Marija Veljković, Kristina Radenković and Milica Gacin.[1] After the end of each 10th series, winners of each of the previous 10 series', with an addition of 6 runner ups, play in the superfinal using the same system as a regular series. In the superfinal, there is also an additional game played.

TV Slagalica
ТВ Слагалица
The opening screen showing the mascot, Skočko
The opening screen showing the mascot, Skočko
Created byRTS
Presented byMarija Veljković, Kristina Radenković and Milica Gacin
Country of originFR Yugoslavia (1993–2003)
Serbia and Montenegro (2003–2006)
Serbia (2006–present)
Original languageSerbian
No. of series137
No. of episodes~8000
Production locationsBelgrade, Serbia
Camera setupMultiple-camera setup
Running time15-25 minutes
Production companyRadio-television of Serbia
Original networkRadio-television of Serbia
Picture format4:3, 16:9 (on 1 December 2014)
Original release22 November 1993 (1993-11-22) –
Preceded byMuzička Slagalica


TV Slagalica is the longest-running quiz show which has survived competition from internationally created quiz shows with local production in Serbia (such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and The Weakest Link).[citation needed]

The first show aired on 22 November 1993 under the name of Muzička Slagalica (English: Musical Puzzle). The producers changed over time, there have been a total of 20 hosts, 20 different games, 5.000 contestants, the air time has changed numerous times, the studio design has changed as well as the sponsors, prizes and the name (to TV Slagalica).[citation needed]

On 7 April 2006 the quiz aired its 3000th episode. Since May 2007 the show has started airing daily at 19:00 Central European Time.[2] The 104th season of TV Slagalica began airing in January 2018.[3]


TV Slagalica is aired according to seasons. Each season has 61 episodes and in each show there are 2 contestants. The contestants are chosen by a test conducted before the quiz is filmed. Out of the total 61 episodes in each season, 40 are qualifier shows for the quarter finals and 21 episodes are for those that have won in the previous forty episodes competing for a spot in the top 8. Each contestant gets an award even if they are defeated by their opponent. Each episode starts with the host announcing the episode number and current season and introducing the contestants. The introduction used to include the supervisor Milka Canić that welcomed the viewers with the, now iconic, greeting: Good evening.[4]


Even though the quiz show is not as high tech as others, TV Slagalica has managed to bring in a high ratings for its network averaging approximately 1.5 million viewers on work days.

The GamesEdit

Slagalica - Igra sa slovima (Puzzle - Letter game)

A computer flashes letters of the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet. The first contestant says "stop" 12 times and therefore twelve letters are displayed. The two contestants try and work out the longest Serbian word they can make from the 12 letters. Each letter is worth 1 point. However, if the word declared is the longest possible, an additional 5 points are awarded. The person with the word with more letters wins. The game is played twice (each contestant chooses the letters once).

Moj Broj - Igra sa brojevima (Math game)

The players randomly (by saying "stop", like in the first game) pick a 3-digit number and 6 more numbers (4 single-digit numbers, one which is one of 10, 15 or 20 and one is 25, 50, 75 or 100). The players must use the six numbers and basic mathematical operations to get a result as close to the given number as possible. A 90-second time limit is imposed. After the time limit, the players report their results and the one with the closer result presents the equation. If the equation is wrong, the other player presents his equation. The game is played twice, each time one of the contestants picks the numbers.

Korak po korak - Igra otkrivanja pojmova (Word detection game)

The players are trying to guess the hidden word through 7 steps. Time takes about 5 seconds on each step, then the player in turn must guess the word. If he cannot guess, the other player tries to do it. First step is always the hardest and last step is the easiest.

Skočko (Mastermind)

The players play mastermind game. Each player plays once and has 6 attempts to guess the 4-symbol combination. If the player fails to do so, the other player has one attempt to guess his opponents combination. Skočko refers to the mascot of the show, which is also one of the 6 images that can form the combination. Other are playing card suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades) and a star.

Slovo po Slovo (Hangman)

This game is only played in the superfinal.

The players are offered blank letter spaces that when filled, contain a phrase, book name, movie name and similar. The game is played twice, each time started by a different player. Each player starts off with 30 points. The player guesses a letter. When guessed, the letter appears in all empty spaces it would show up in when the phrase is complete. Every time they guess a letter, they lose a point. After the time runs out, the player guesses the phrase. If they manage to do so, they are awarded the number of points they had left. If they do not, the other player gets a chance to guess the phrase. If they manage to do so, they are awarded five points. No points are awarded if neither player guesses the given phrase.

Spojnice (Connections)

The players are offered two sets of 10 words or sentences. The game is played twice, each started by a different player. Each game has a theme and each word from the first set needs to paired up with the corresponding word in the other set. Each connection is worth two point. When they make a mistake, they move onto the next word, not getting points for the missed word. The process repeats until the last word. If any words remain unconnected, the second player tries to connect them, receiving one point per connection. No points are awarded for words that none of the players could connect.

Ko zna zna (General knowledge game)

Ten general knowledge questions are asked, the first one always being related to the Serbian language, and the last one always being related to sport. When the question is asked, players can apply to apply to answer. If players apply, the player that applied first gets the opportunity to answer first. Each question is worth 10 points. If the first applied contestant does not know the answer, and the second contestant applied as well, the second contestant gets a chance to answer and vice versa. If a contestant answers incorrectly, they lose five points. This game brings the most points to the players, with up to 100 points up for grabs.

Asocijacije (Associations game)

Contestant must solve 2 associations. They have four minutes to do so.

Retired gamesEdit

Berza (Auction game)

The players have been offered a set of questions to which the answers are 50:50 or 3:1 chance to answer correctly (most usually yes/no questions), and then the players bid which one will have more correct answers. If the highest bidder answers the exact number of questions they bid for or more, they win, otherwise, the other player takes points.

Budite detektiv (Detective game)

The players have been told about mysterious person or object and they must guess who the person/object is.

Dodavanje (Number adding game)

The players choose five numbers from the randomly chosen set of numbers. Then the player randomly chooses a target number, which contestants must reach by adding up their chosen numbers. They take turns adding numbers. If a player reaches the target number they are the winner. If it's players' turn to add, and after the addition the sum becomes larger than the target number, their opponent wins.

Nije nego ("The other way around")

The players must guess the names of books, movies etc. by the title with antonym words (for example: "A Midwinter Day's Reality" for "A Midsummer Night's Dream"). Each player has five titles to guess and has five seconds for each. After that, the other player tries to guess the ones the first player missed.


Current crew of Slagalica:

  • Hosts: Marija Veljković, Kristina Radenković and Milica Gacin.[1]
  • Director: Živojin Čelić
  • Quiz coordinator: Anja Vasiljević

Gaming supervisor Milka Canić became somewhat of a staple television personality from Serbia, as she always started the show by simply greeting the contestants and the host with the catchphrase "Dobro veče" ("Good Evening"), the remark for which she became notable for being in use for more than 10 years of the show's run.[5] Canić is not present in the studio during the competition since 2012, but is still credited as the supervisor.

Seasons and rankingsEdit

As of January 2020 Slagalica is in its 122nd season. Winners and rankings in each season can be seen in the table below.

Season Winner Runner-up Third Fourth
1 Ivan Jakovljević Dragan Bešević Jan Bažik Nenad Komadinić
2 Dušan Nikić Miroslav Cvetković Branislav Nikić Miroslav Lalić
3 Dejan Nedić
4 Omer Ekić Đorđe Simić Vitomir Pavlović Aleksandar Vujanović
5 Marko Obradović Miroslav Cvetković Miodrag Vojvodić
6 Mihajlo Nejkov Bojan Đokanović Veselin Sekulić Čedomir Milanović
7 Zoran Jovanović Dragan Radosavljević Aleksandar Bjelica
8 Vladan Zarić Dario Goran Damjanović
9 Perica Đorđević
10 Miodrag Vojvodić Lazar Kojić
11 Vladimir Pešić Bojan Pijevac
12 Goran Damjanović Petar Miljković Aleksandar Đorđević Novica Lukić
13 Gordana Milešić Momčilo Šaranović Dejan Žukovski Dejan Komar
14 Dragan Stojanović
15 Zoran Milićević
16 Damir Duraković Vladimir Miletić Nenad Mušikić Nebojša Jevtović
17 Ilija Loncar Arsenije Milivojevic Goran Radović
18 Stanko Bosnic
20 Željko Komarica Miroljub Arsić
22 Andrej Pešikan Novak Nikolić Marjan Gosta Miloš Đorđević
23 Goran Radović Ivan Stamenković Slaviša Simović Ivica Janković
24 Marija Subotić Vladimir Ranđelović Srećko Golubovič Aleksandar Kovačević
25 Aleksandra Čolakov Milan Živanović Dejan Doroslovački Ivan Bukumirić
26 Predrag Antić Milan Rmus Dejan Jelić Ksenija Danković
27 Sofija Necin Vladan Zarić Zvonko Vukićević Dragan Milenković
28 Milenko Marković Miloš Cvetić Miroslav Pavlović Milorad Cvejić
29 Đorđija Popović Mirjana Radmilović Vladan Stevanović Dejan Đorđević
30 Vladimir Vujović Sandra Trifunović Branko Milić Pero Đorđeski
31 Veljko Gluščević Dragan Zeljković Aleksandar Ćosić Balša Nikolić
32 Milan Ivanović Petar Tepavčević Aleksandar Bukinac Ivan Andonov
33 Darko Božičković Vlastimir Purić Dragan Pešović Žarko Milovanović
34 Dejan Vukelić Radomir Jovanović Andrija Dodig Milan Radulović
35 Jovan Ćuk Siniša Ljustina Gojko Šurbatović Saša Stoiljković
36 Želimir Lalić Saša Tonić Vojin Ostojić Daniel Pantović
37 Branislava Knežević Milan Đorić Vojislav Lazarević
38 Dušan Babić Branko Hristov Milan Pavlović
39 Dragan Isailović Svetislav Mijović Goran Stajić Staniša Nikolić
40 Miloš Slavković Vladimir Krnač Boban Luković Sajo Vilotić
41 Aleksandar Simić Ivan Ilić Nikola Ivanović Veljo Spasojević
42 Nenad Kunovac Vojkan Veličković Boroljub Zlatanović Nenad Milčić
43 Dušan Jovanović Nikola Vujičić Goran Jovanović
44 Marjan Gosta Goran Avalić Zoran Živojinović Vladimir Vilotić
45 Jovan Stojičić Zoran Horvatov Igor Markov Aleksandar Ivković
46 Draško Ešpek Duško Gvozdenović Dragovan Vasić Darko Kuzeljević
47 Kosta Željski Vladimir Jovičić Miroslav Cvetković Aleksa Popadić
48 Darko Krčmar Slavko Bovan Sava Mirčić Đorđe Cimerman
49 Miloš Petronijević Miodrag Petrović Milorad Cvejić Siniša Čolović
50 Dragan Đukanović Branislav Bošnjaković Bojan Janković Srđan Radović
51 Stevan Uzelac Miloš Stojanović Miroslav Luka Mrković Željko Bohinc
52 Slavka Bakalov Zvonko Vukićević Goran Ranđelović Miodrag Cerović
53 Aleksandar Vesić Đorđe Panić Saša Radonjić Sofija Ikonić
54 Vladimir Džamić Vladan Mihajilović Igor Repić Jovan Nikolić
55 Goran Sević Zoran Čekerinac Zoran Krstić Ranko Knežević
56 Velibor Marjanović Zlatko Emeđi Dragan Jonović Nenad Veljković
57 Bojan Peruničić Zoran Radisavljević Milenko Pelević Radosav Ilić
58 Milica Marković Mihajlo Simić Andrej Vujović Ivan Branković
59 Milorad Ankić Đorđe Lacmanović Dragan Rajković
60 (Superfinal) Mihajlo Nejkov Novica Lukić Vlastimir Purić Bojan Savić
61 Vladimir Janjić Božidar Tanić Goran Vukojević Dragoljub Selaković
62 Aleksandar Divović Ivan Cvijović Dušan Ivanović Dragan Popović
63 Nenad Petrović Željko Tomašević Milan Stevanović Bojan Subotić
64 Vladimir Nikolić Siniša Marjanović Ratko Aleksić Goran Miletić
65 Veljko Mihajlović Vladimir Obradović Danijel Popović Dejan Vejinović
66 Ljubiša Vidanović Đorđe Karna Slađan Đorđević Ivanka Radisavljević
67 Igor Zeljković Nikola Živanović Žarko Stevanović Branko Martin
68 Braca Kundalić Nikola Stefanovic Zoran Duvnjak Igor Žegarac
69 Filip Vukojević Biljana Malinović Boško Knežević Nikola Lukić
70 Bogdan Ivković Dragoslava Medenica Nenad Vujadinović Zoran Miketek
71 Dejan Barać Damjan Bogosavljević Milan Jovanović Mina Đurić
72 Vladimir Asenov Nebojša Despotović Milorad Todorov Srđan Mirković
73 Radoljub Vranić Srđan Lakić Milan Nikolić Jovica Đorđević
74 Nenad Nježić Miroslav Anđelković Uroš Jovanović Luka Ristić
75 Milica Jokanović Vladimir Stefanović Marko Radosavljević Nebojša Savić
76 Vladan Vujanović Jovan Miljković Sanja Tadić Aleksandar Ostojić
77 Dragutin Đorđević Stojan Sekulin Igor Burlica Branka Šorak
78 Srđan Stanković[6] Boban Milutinović Borivoj Dević Jasmina Vortić
79 Mladen Mitrović Milorad Nedeljković Danilo Stevanović Nemanja Cvijić
80 Duško Sekulić Bojan Nikolić Đorđe Jovčić Bojan Zdravković
81 Srđan Lončarević Gradimir Veljković Jovana Pavlović Vuk Trnavac
82 Igor Biga Radiša Nikolić Dejan Maksimović Aleksandar Petrović
83 Marija Gvozdenović Dragan Kojadinović Magdalina Čivović Darko Jović
84 Branislav Belajev Novica Aćimović Marija Čivović Jelena Lazović
85 Vladislava Stanišić Zorana Đurđević Branko Đorđević Ivan Ilić
86 Božidar Ćukić Anastazia Tokić Jovan Javorina Dragan Lukić
87 Dušan Erceg Aleksandar Savić Dragan Andrić Nenad Rosić
88 Marko Jelić Danijel Predarski Darko Ostojić Ivan Petrović
89 Jovan Error Đorđe Dragićević Dušan Vuković Bogdan Ašković
90 Nikola Lacković Dragan Kreculj Ivan Todorov Marko Kostić
91 Nikola Tomić Nenad Petrović Jana Jonlija Predrag Lazarević
92 Vesna Bogdanović Nikola Milošević Aleksandar Tomašević Slobodan Veličković
93 Srđan Selimovski Dragan Mikić Aleksandra Stanković Milan Grubetić
94 Žarko Stevanović Nikola Ilić Aleksandar Stanković Miroslav Kičinja
95 Bojan Lukić Aleksandar Simić Ivana Pešterac Pavle Škorić
96 Marko Dukić Dragan Spasenić Goran Nedović Stefan Savić
97 Vlastimir Purić Dejan Kovačević Vesna Prvulović Darko Arnaut
98 Sanja Milovanović Milica Marković Nikola Stojanović Dejan Mršević
99 Ivan Babić Ilija Dragić Dragan Isailović Nedeljko Šujica
100 (Superfinal) Žarko Stevanović Vladimir Nikolić Sanja Milovanović Dušan Erceg
101 Zoran Horvatov Ljubiša Vidanović Velibor Marjanović Ljiljana Radulović-Dimitrov
102 Žarko Vidosavljević Jasmina Aleksić Aleksandar Savković Filip Stevanović
103 Filip Tot Nenad Isailović Miroslav Jevremović Uroš Armuš
104 Bojan Savić Stevan Todorović Miloš Petrović Nemanja Malinović
105 Vladimir Krnač Branimir Arsić Milan Ugrenović Marija Nikolić
106 Milan Vukadinović Srđan Jeremić Stefan Vardić Stefan Stošić
107 Miloš Timotijević Dragan Petrović Aleksandar Cvrkotić Dragan Tomašević
108 Miladin Sekulić Boris Baćan Dimitrije Spasić Nikola Smiljanić
109 Jovan Mišković Petar Rogan
110 Zdravko Tomić Bogdan Gavrilović
111 Bojan Pjevac Jugoslav Ratković
112 Dejan Komar Igor Burlica
113 Petar Stojković Vladimir Jokanović
114 Ivan Gavrilović Marko Protić
115 Dejan Kovačević Vladimir Tomić
116 Dušan Erceg Ljubiša Bojadžija
117 Vladimir Mladenov Ivan Petrović
118 Vladimir Krnač Neđeljko Svrkota
119 Sergej Prošić Želimir Lalić
120 Janko Valenćik Vuk Milutinović
121 (Superfinale) Ivan Gavrilović Dejan Kovačević Dušan Erceg & Jovan Mišković
122 Zoran Ivanović Nemanja Mandić
123 Darko Krčmar Nikola Jelenić
124 Stefan Grnčarski Mihajlo Zdravković
125 Rade Goljović Dušan Macura
126 Dragan Stojanović Aleksandar Stanković
127 Stefan Stanković Danilo Ćosić
128 Dušan Nedović Nikola Smiljanić
129 Nikola Mihajlović Željko Mršević
130 Dušan Ivanović Vukašin Janjić
131 Miloš Karna Aleksandar Tomašević
132 Aleksa Grubešić Miloš Timotijević
133 (Superfinale) Miloš Karna Rade Goljović Dušan Macura & Stefan Stanković
134 Biljana Milanović Željko Jelaš
135 Nedeljko Šujica Milan Novaković
136 Aleksandar Simić Marko Stamenković
137 Mihajlo Nejkov Aleksandar Milošević


Besides regular seasons, as of March 2013, four superfinals (superfinala) have taken place featuring best contestants in regular seasons. The fourth superfinal was also counted as Season 60, which took place in 2009 and it included the total of 231 best competitors since the inception of TV Slagalica. Below is the table of superfinal rankings.

Superfinal Year Winner Runner-up Third Fourth
Superfinal 1 1994 Jan Bažik Dušan Nikić Dragan Bešević Miroslav Cvetković
Superfinal 2 1995 Omer Ekić Bojan Đokanović Mihajlo Nejkov Đorđe Simić
Superfinal 3 1997 Zoran Jovanović Aleksandar Bjelica Novica Lukić Lazar Kojić
Superfinal 4
(also Season 60)
2009 Mihajlo Nejkov Novica Lukić Vlastimir Purić Bojan Savić
Superfinal 5
(also Season 100)
2017 Žarko Stevanović Vladimir Nikolić Sanja Milovanović Dušan Erceg
Superfinal 6
(2019 Winners and Runners-Up)
2019 Ivan Gavrilović Dejan Kovačević Dušan Erceg & Jovan Mišković
Superfinal 7
(2020 Winners and Runners-Up)
2020 Miloš Karna Rade Goljović Dušan Macura & Stefan Stanković


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