Yle Nyheter TV-nytt is the name of the daily television news programmes on the Swedish-speaking Finnish TV channel Yle Teema & Fem, at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle). The programme is also broadcast on TV Finland.

TV-nytt first aired on 5 April 1965 as Från dag till dag, broadcasting on either Yle TV1 or TV2 depending on the time and day, and has since provided daily news for the Swedish-speaking population in Finland. TV-nytt adopted its current name in 1975. In the evening TV-nytt has four regular broadcasts: at 16.55, 17.55, 19.30 and the last edition is in the late evening (at 20.57 or 21.57 - lasting only 90 seconds). The main bulletin is at 19.30 and is 25 minutes long.

The late edition was shortened from 10 minutes to 90 seconds on 1 September 2011, following a co-operation between FST5 and the Swedish public broadcaster SVT (its channel SVT World).

Prior to the end of analogue broadcasting in Finland on 31 August 2007, TV-nytt's 18.15 edition was the main bulletin and was simulcast on Yle TV1.

Between 1997 and 2005, Swedish-language news called Morgonnytt (Morning news) was broadcast during the otherwise Finnish-language Yle breakfast TV programme Aamu-TV (Morning-TV). This was discontinued as part of Yle's cost-cutting exercise, despite the fact that Morgonnytt often received more viewers than the evening TV-nytt broadcasts. This move has met with criticism from some parts of the Finland-Swedish community. From early 2010, Yle has again provided short news bulletins from TV-nytt during the morning hours during FST5's breakfast programme Min Morgon. The breakfast programme is funded by Svenska kulturfonden.

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