TRT International April 23 Children's Festival

TRT International April 23 Children's Festival is celebrated on April 23 each year in Turkey. This festival is gathering the children from all over the world under the motto of "Love, Friendship and Peace". The festival is organized by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.

April 23 2011 Children's Festival
2007 in Germany


Macedonian folk dance on Children's Day 2014 in Beykoz, Istanbul
Folk dance of Turkey on Children's Day 2014 in Beykoz, Istanbul

The 23rd April Children's Festival was dedicated to Turkish children by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, to mark the opening of the Assembly.

The festival has been celebrated internationally since 1979. The Children's Festival was first celebrated in Turkey on 23 April 1920, when the Turkish Grand National Assembly was opened. The Festival intends to contribute creation of a world where children can live peacefully by developing sentiments of fraternity, love and friendship.

The greatest aspiration of Atatürk, who saved his country from occupations and introduced reforms in all fields hence changing the viewpoint of the nation it was modernization, in other words, an industrialized country that the industry of the Republic which it was founded on was out of date and poorly equipped, Atatürk endeavored to achieve modernization through educational reform, and thus entrusted Turkey to the children and the youth. Atatürk knew that modernization could not be achieved in a rapid way; therefore, he presumed that the Turkish children educated at schools resting upon positive sciences could attain his goals. He believed his nation and lived for what he believed. This is the main philosophy of the 23rd April. As can be seen, the educated children and youth have made great contributions to the creation of modern Turkey. Present-day Turkey has evolved over the years and has attained a level of a modern state.

As UNESCO proclaimed 1979 as the International Year of the Child, director of children's programmes of TRT Ankara Television Tekin Özertem and his assistant Canan Arısoy developed a project aimed at embracing all the children in the world. Upon approval of the project by top executives of the TRT Corporation, preparations for the organization commenced. Thus, the first celebration of TRT International 23 April Children's festival took place on 23 April 1979 in Turkey, with participation of five countries, namely the USSR, Iraq, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria. Today, TRT International 23 April Children's festival is celebrated every year with participation of approximately 50 countries. From 1979 to 2000, celebrations were performed in the capital city Ankara. In the following years, celebrations took place in Turkey's various major cities such as İzmir, İstanbul and Antalya. Nane Annan, spouse of the former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, became the honorary guest of the celebrations on 23 April 2000. In her speech at the gala, Mrs Annan expressed her pleasure at participating in the celebrations and passed greetings from her spouse Kofi Annan. Mrs. Annan also called on the entire world to say “Yes” to the aspiration of children. After her speech, “the common declaration of the children from 40 countries”, which was approved by the children at the International Children's Congress on 18 April, was read in English and Turkish. The declaration was presented to Mrs. Annan to hand it over to Kofi Annan.

Children aged between 8 and 14 attend the international 23 April children's festival. The program approximately covers a period from 16 to 26 April. The invited groups are made up of nearly 20 children and 6 executive leaders. By 15 April, guests arrive in the city where the celebrations will take place. TRT appoints a guide for each group and the guides enable coordination with group leaders. Through primary schools in the festival city, each group is entertained by families of their Turkish peers in a warm and affectionate environment. In this way, children of the world recount positive traits of the Turkish nation to their own families and friends when they return to home countries. Doubtlessly, this makes Turkish people gratified. Festival Week begins with a Festival Parade. During the parade, guests wear their traditional outfits, perform their traditional music and dance on the largest street of the city. In the following days, guest countries perform outdoor shows in large parks and embrace with Turkish people. Festival week continues with the children's visit to the mausoleum of Atatürk, the great leader who dedicated this festival to Turkish children. Then, the children are welcomed by the president of the Turkish Republic, president of the Turkish National Grand Assembly, and director general of TRT.

On 22 April, the children gather to rehearse the gala. When the big day comes, the gala of the TRT 23 April Children's Festival takes place. In the gala, which lasts nearly four hours and is broadcast live, all the groups wear their national costumes and present three-minute performances accompanied with their traditional music.

The gala continues with the children conveying the greetings they have brought from their home countries, and ends with a hand-in-hand dance of all the flowers of the world embraced in sentiments of peace and friendship. Through picnics and excursions on 24 and 25 April, the unison and fraternity of the world and Turkish children reach their peak. These activities contribute to the promotion of Turkey and the hospitable Turkish people. When the last day arrives, 26 April, sad hours for children have come. Bursting into tears, they begin to return to their home countries; they are leaving behind their Turkish brothers and sisters, but taking along peace and friendship with them. In a flood of emotions, the festival week comes to an end.

Participant countriesEdit

Year Participant countries (excluding   Turkey) Total countries (ex.   Turkey) Total children Theme
1979   Bulgaria   Iraq   Italy   Romania   Soviet Union   United States 6
1998   Azerbaijan   Bangladesh   Belarus   Bosnia and Herzegovina   China   Croatia   Czech Republic   Egypt   Estonia   France   Hungary   India   Italy   Latvia   Libya   Lithuania   Kyrgyzstan   Macedonia   Mongolia   New Zealand   Pakistan   Palestine   Russia   Slovenia   South Africa   Sudan   Switzerland   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Ukraine   Venezuela 29
2007   Afghanistan   Albania   Angola   Azerbaijan   Belarus   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bulgaria   China   Democratic Republic of Congo   Crimea   Croatia   Czech Republic   Egypt   Ethiopia   Finland   France   Gabon   Georgia   Greece   Guinea   Hungary   India   Indonesia   Iraq   Israel   Ivory Coast   Japan   Kazakhstan   Kyrgyzstan   Libya   Lithuania   Macedonia   Mexico   Moldova   Mongolia   Morocco   Netherlands   Niger   Palestine   Poland   Romania   Russia   Senegal   Serbia   Slovakia   Slovenia   Spain   Sudan   Sweden   Switzerland   Syria   Tajikistan   Tatarstan   Thailand   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Turkmenistan   Ukraine   Uzbekistan   Venezuela   Vietnam   Yemen 61
2008   Albania   Azerbaijan   Belarus   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bulgaria   China   Crimea   Croatia   Egypt   Georgia   Germany   Hungary   India   Iraq   Japan   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Lithuania   Macedonia   Mexico   Moldova   Morocco   Montenegro   Nigeria   Romania   Russia   Senegal   Serbia   Slovakia   Slovenia   Sudan   Tajikistan   Thailand   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Turkmenistan   Ukraine   United States   Venezuela 38 600 Barış (Peace)
2009   Afghanistan   Albania   Azerbaijan   Belarus   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bulgaria   China   Colombia   Crimea   Croatia   Czech Republic   Egypt   Finland   France   Gagauzia   Georgia   Germany   Greece   Guinea   Hungary   India   Iraq   Japan   Kenya   Khakassia   South Korea   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Liberia   Macedonia   Mexico   Moldova   Morocco   Mozambique   Netherlands   Niger   Nigeria   Pakistan   Palestine   Poland   Romania   Russia   Senegal   Serbia   Slovakia   Slovenia   Spain   Tatarstan   Thailand   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Ukraine   United States   Venezuela   Vietnam 57
2010   Albania   Azerbaijan   Belarus   Bulgaria   Colombia   Czech Republic   Finland   Gagauzia   Germany   Georgia   Hungary   India   Iraq   Japan   Kazakhstan   Kyrgyzstan   Kosovo   Liberia   Lithuania   Macedonia   Mexico   Moldova   Montenegro   Morocco   Mozambique   Niger   Palestine   Puerto Rico   Romania   Russia   Senegal   Serbia   Slovenia   Tatarstan   Thailand   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Ukraine   United States   Venezuela   Vietnam 42
2011   Azerbaijan   Belarus   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bulgaria   China   Crimea   Egypt   Finland   Gagauzia   Georgia   Germany   Japan   Kazakhstan   Kenya   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Lebanon   Lithuania   Macedonia   Mali   Moldova   Montenegro   Netherlands   Palestine   Russia   Senegal   Somalia   Spain   Tatarstan   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Turkmenistan   Ukraine   Venezuela   Vietnam 34
2012   Albania   Azerbaijan   Belarus   Bulgaria   China   Democratic Republic of Congo   Crimea   Egypt   Finland   Gagauzia   Georgia   Hungary   Indonesia   Iraq   Japan   Kazakhstan   Kenya   South Korea   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Liberia   Lithuania   Macedonia   Mali   Moldova   Netherlands   Niger   Nigeria   Palestine   Romania   Russia   Sakha Republic   Senegal   Spain   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Ukraine   Venezuela   Vietnam 40
2013   Albania   Azerbaijan   Bahamas   Bangladesh   Belarus   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bulgaria   Colombia   Republic of Congo   Crimea   Czech Republic   Fiji   Finland   France   Gagauzia   Georgia   India   Indonesia   Iraq   Israel   Kazakhstan   South Korea   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Lithuania   Macedonia   Maldives   Moldova   Montenegro   Niger   Nigeria   Pakistan   Palestine   Romania   Russia   Sakha Republic   Thailand   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Turkmenistan   Ukraine   Uzbekistan   Vanuatu   Vietnam   Yemen 44
2014   Albania   Azerbaijan   Belarus   Bulgaria   China   Democratic Republic of Congo   Czech Republic   Finland   Georgia   Hungary   India   Iraq   Kazakhstan   South Korea   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Lebanon   Libya   Lithuania   Macedonia   Maldives   Moldova   Montenegro   Niger   Romania   Russia   Seychelles   Slovakia   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Thailand   Turkmenistan   Ukraine   Vietnam   Yemen 33
2015   Afghanistan   Azerbaijan   Bangladesh   Belarus   Bulgaria   Chile   China   Colombia   Finland   Georgia   Hungary   Iraq   Kazakhstan   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Lebanon   Libya   Lithuania   Macedonia   Maldives   Moldova   Mongolia   Montenegro   Romania   Russia   Sakha Republic   Sri Lanka   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Thailand   Tunisia   Ukraine   Vietnam 31
2016   Afghanistan   Albania   Azerbaijan   Bangladesh   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bulgaria   Estonia   Georgia   Iraq   Kazakhstan   Kosovo   Kuwait   Kyrgyzstan   Lithuania   Macedonia   Maldives   Moldova   Mongolia   Montenegro   Namibia   Palestine   Romania   Serbia   Seychelles   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Thailand   Turkmenistan   Ukraine   Vietnam   United Kingdom 30
2017   Afghanistan   Albania   Azerbaijan   Bangladesh   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Crimea   Gagauzia   Georgia   Guinea   Hungary   Iraq   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Lithuania   Macedonia   Mongolia   Morocco   Palestine   Romania   Sakha   Serbia   Seychelles   Sudan   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Ukraine 25
2018   Afghanistan   Albania   Azerbaijan   Bangladesh   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bulgaria   Chile   China   Colombia   Estonia   Gagauzia   Georgia   Ghana   Guinea   Hungary   Iraq   Kazakhstan   Kenya   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Lebanon   Lithuania   Macedonia   Mali   Mongolia   Montenegro   Palestine   Romania   Russia   Seychelles   Slovenia   Sudan   Tajikistan   Tunisia   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Turkmenistan   Uganda   Ukraine   United Kingdom   Uzbekistan 41
2019   Albania   Azerbaijan   Bangladesh   Belarus   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bulgaria   Cameroon   China   Colombia   Estonia   Gagauzia   Georgia   Germany   Ghana   Guinea   Hungary   Iraq   Kazakhstan   Kenya   Kosovo   Kyrgyzstan   Lebanon   Lithuania   Macedonia   Mali   Mongolia   Montenegro   Nigeria   Palestine   Romania   Russia   Sakha Republic   Serbia   Seychelles   Slovenia   Sudan   Tajikistan   Tunisia   Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus   Turkmenistan   Uganda   Ukraine   United Kingdom   Uzbekistan 44

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