TOBB University of Economics and Technology

TOBB University of Economics and Technology is a private non-profit foundation university in Ankara, Turkey.

TOBB University of Economics and Technology
TOBB Ekonomi ve Teknoloji Üniversitesi
TOBB courtyard.JPG
Courtyard of TOBB University
Motto"A university that reverses the brain drain."
TypePrivate (Foundation university)
EstablishedJuly 1, 2003; 17 years ago (2003-07-01)
RectorProf. Dr. Yusuf Sarınay
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A view of TOBB ETU Campus.
TOBB Campus.

Academic UnitsEdit

Faculties and DepartmentsEdit

  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Department of Biomedical Engineering
    • Department of Computer Engineering
    • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Department of Industrial Engineering
    • Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of International Entrepreneurship
    • Department of International Relations
    • Department of Political Science
  • Faculty of Science and Literature
    • Department of English Language and Literature
    • Department of History
    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of Turkish Language and Literature
    • Department of Psychology
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
    • Department of Industrial Design
    • Department of Visual Communication Design
    • Department of Interior and Environmental Design
    • Department of Architecture
    • Department of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Department of Foreign Languages


  • Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Institute of Social Sciences

International EstablishmentsEdit

Starting with the educational year of 2020-2021, TOBB ETU Tashkent Campus in Uzbekistan will start accepting its first students.

Established as a non-state university under Tashkent State University of Economics, the campus will be offering undergraduate programs E-Commerce and Technology Management and International Business and Entrepreneurship. [1]

Student SocietiesEdit

TOBB University of Economics and Technology houses 78 student societies,[1] many of them with international affiliations. One such example would be SDG Student Hub of TOBB ETÜ,[2] a SDSN Youth body working towards increasing awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and providing students with tools to embrace sustainable practices.

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