TOBB Sport Hall

TOBB Sport Hall (Turkish: TOBB Spor Salonu) is an indoor multi-purpose sport venue that is located in the TOBB University of Economics and Technology Söğütözü Campus, Ankara, Turkey. The hall, with a capacity for 2,000 spectators, was built in 2007.[1] It is home to TED Ankara Kolejliler, which plays currently in the Turkish Basketball League.

TOBB Sport Hall
TOBB Spor Salonu
TOBB Sport Hall.png
LocationSöğütözü, Ankara, Turkey
Coordinates39°55′14″N 32°47′54″E / 39.920652°N 32.798339°E / 39.920652; 32.798339Coordinates: 39°55′14″N 32°47′54″E / 39.920652°N 32.798339°E / 39.920652; 32.798339
Opened2007; 14 years ago (2007)
TED Ankara Kolejliler


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