2004 TNA America's X Cup Tournament

The TNA 2004 America's X Cup Tournament was a tournament that was hosted by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. It was the forerunner to the TNA 2004 World X Cup Tournament. America's X Cup Tournament consisted of four Teams: Team USA (representing the National Wrestling Alliance/Total Nonstop Action Wrestling), Team Canada, Team Mexico (representing AAA), and Team Britain.


In 2003, TNA Wrestling introduced the 2003 TNA Super X Cup Tournament. The Super X Cup Tournament brought in various competitors from all over the World to compete in one-on-one matches. Many of the competitors that were featured in the Super X Cup were brought back to TNA Wrestling to compete in America's X Cup. Chris Sabin ended up winning the Super X Cup and later went on to be a member of Team USA 2004. Also featured in the Super X Cup and later America's X Cup were Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart, Jonny Storm, and Nosawa.

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Throughout America's X Cup Tournament, AAA's Team Mexico was extremely successful and dominant. They defeated Team USA, Team UK, and Team Canada. At the end of the tournament, Team AAA was victorious, upsetting the American Team and winning the trophy that Team USA was to defend. After America's X Cup Tournament ended, the World X Cup immediately followed. The World X Cup saw Team USA make a strong comeback. The World X Cup eventually culminated in an Ultimate X match which featured Team USA's Chris Sabin, Team Canada's Petey Williams, and Team Mexico's Hector Garza. Sabin won both the match and the tournament for Team USA.

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