Tốn line

The Tốn line (Vietnamese: chi Tốn; chi can also be translated to as branch) was the fifth dynasty of Hùng kings of the Hồng Bàng period of Văn Lang (now Viet Nam). Starting approximately 1912 B.C., the line refers to the rule of Viên Lang and his successors, when the seat of government was centered at Phú Thọ.[1]

Tốn line
Fifth Dynasty of Hùng kings

Chi Tốn
c. 1912 – c. 1713 B.C.
CapitalPhong Châu
Hùng king 
• c. 1912 BC–
Viên Lang
Historical eraHồng Bàng period
• End of the Chấn line
c. 1912 B.C.
• Beginning of the Ly line
c. 1713 B.C.
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Chấn line
Ly line


Viên Lang[a] was born approximately 1970 B.C., and took the regnal name of Hùng Hy Vương upon becoming Hùng king.[2] The series of all Hùng kings following Viên Lang took that same regnal name of Hùng Hy Vương to rule over Văn Lang until approximately 1713 B.C.[2]


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