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Tři sestry (Czech band)

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Tři sestry (Czech for "three sisters") is a Czech punk band. Some of their later material has fallen into a more general rock genre, and they have also dabbled in hardcore punk. They are one of the most popular rock bands in the country and have played at the Masters of Rock music festival in 2005 and 2011. The main songwriter, lead singer, and best-known member of the band is Lou Fanánek Hagen, whose real name is František Moravec. The other current members of the band are Veronika "Supice" Borovková (harmonica, vocals), Tomáš "Ing. Magor" Doležal (bass), Ronald Seitl (guitar), Zdeněk Petr (guitar), Rostislav "Rosťa" Cerman (guitar), Petr "Bubenec", "Franta Vrána" Lukeš (drums), and Martin "Jaroušek" Roušar (saxophone, clarinet).

Tři sestry
Tri sestry hk cubic.jpg
Tři sestry in 2007
Background information
OriginCzechoslovakia Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech republic)
GenresPunk rock
Years active1985–present


The origins of the band are uncertain, as most members were still in high school when the ensemble began to coalesce.


In 1985, a few friends who had previously played in the band Spálená tlumivka created their own group and named it Tři sestry. The name was invented by Jiří "Hadr" Brábník, the band's original drummer. The band's initial lineup consisted of Jiří Brábník, Tomáš "Sup" Karásek (harmonica), Petr "Dachau" Jírovec (guitar), and Tomáš Doležal (bass). Not long after, three vocalists were added to the group: František Moravec, Simona "Síma" Bártová, and Petr "Bombur" Kratochvíl. Tři sestry played their first official concert in the spring of 1986 at Klub 001 in Strahov, a district of Prague. In the summer of 1986, vocalist Fanánek was seriously injured by a passing train, severing one of his legs (he now wears a prosthesis), and the band's performances were interrupted. In 1987, vocalists Síma and Bombur left the band and Luděk "Nikotýn" Pallat joined on guitar. They performed with two guitarists for a while but eventually Jírovec left. In January 1988 they recorded an album, which was released only in 1995, under the title Rarity. At the end of the 80's there were various personnel changes in the group, including several stints by guitarist František Sahula (a former member of Spálená tlumivka, who left Tři sestry in 2004 and was found murdered in 2008), who wrote some of the band's biggest hits including "Život je takovej".


Tři sestry released their first album, Na Kovárně to je nářez, in 1990. Throughout the 90s and beyond, the band continued to release new albums on a regular basis. They added the violinist František Kacafírek to their ranks in 1991. In 1993, the original harmonica player, Sup, was replaced by Miloš "Sup II" Berka. In 1994, guitarist Nikotýn left the group and was replaced by Ronald Seitl and the returning František Sahula. The band suffered a big loss in January 1996, when drummer Hadr tragically died. He was replaced a year later by Bubenec. That same year also saw the departure of Sup II, who was replaced by Supice. František Sahula left the ensemble again in 1997, and Miroslav "Cvanc" Cvanciger took his place.

21st centuryEdit

On June 10, 2000, the group celebrated its 15th birthday with a concert in Prague on Štvanice island. At the turn of the millennium and then again in 2003 and 2004, František Sahula briefly rejoined the band. In 2003 they added guitarist Zdeněk Petr. At this point the band consisted of Lou Fanánek Hagen, Ing. Magor, Franta Vrána, Supice, Ronald Seitl, Zdeněk Petr, Martin Roušar, and František Kacafírek on violin (whose career with the band ended upon his death in 2016).


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