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Tōnō region (red) in Gifu Prefecture

Tōnō (東濃) is the southeastern portion of Gifu Prefecture in the Chūbu region of Japan.[1] The Tōnō region received its name as a combination of the kanji for "east" (東) and "Mino" (美濃). The borders of this region are not officially set, but it generally consists of the following cities: Tajimi, Toki, Mizunami, Ena and Nakatsugawa.[1] Occasionally, Kani, usually part of the Chūnō region, is also included as being part of Tōnō.



The region has a total area of approximately 1,562.9 km2 (603.4 sq mi).[1] The Toki River forms the border between it and Nagano Prefecture to the east and Aichi Prefecture to the south.[1] The Kiso River flows through the central area from east to west.[1]


As of 2008 the Tōnō region had about 358,000 residents, which was 17% of the prefecture's entire total.[1]

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