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The landmark Tío Pepe sign at Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Tío Pepe (in Spanish, "Uncle Pepe", named after one of the founders' uncles)[1] is a brand of Sherry. It is best known for its fino style of dry sherry made from the palomino grape. The Tio Pepe brand is owned by the González Byass Sherry house.[2][3]

Tío PepeEdit

Tio Pepe has based its recent success on promoting itself as a very dry white wine to be served with food, in doing so aiming to differentiate itself from poor quality sherries and their downmarket reputation. The Tio Pepe soleras were established in 1844 and have run uninterrupted since that time.

Close-up of the Tio Pepe sign[4]


Tío Pepe wind vane in Jerez, theGuinness world record holder of the largest operational wind vane
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