Szczecin Bismarck Tower

One of the many Bismarck towers built in the former German Empire (Kaiserreich) is located in Szczecin (Gocław), now in north-western Poland (known as Stettin in German).

Bismarck Tower (Gocław Tower)


Its construction began relatively late, in 1913, and it was only finished in 1921. The total construction cost of the 25-metre (82 ft)-tall tower was approximately 200,000 German Papiermarks.

The tower is located on top of a small hill and is surrounded by a small wood, although the surrounding area is now generally industrial. It is approximately 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from the city centre, close to a tram terminus.

Although one can visit the tower, the main entry way is fully sealed off, as are all windows, making entry impossible. It is also in need of restoration.

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Coordinates: 53°28′38″N 14°36′06″E / 53.4772°N 14.6016°E / 53.4772; 14.6016