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In computing, systeminfo, is a command-line utility included in Microsoft Windows versions from Windows XP onwards[1] and in ReactOS.

Developer(s)Microsoft, ReactOS Contributors
Initial releaseOctober 25, 2001; 19 years ago (2001-10-25)
Operating systemWindows, ReactOS
LicenseWindows: Proprietary commercial software
ReactOS: GNU General Public License


The command produces summary output of hardware/software operating environment parameters.[2] The detailed configuration information about the computer and its operating system includes data on the operating system configuration, security information, product ID, and hardware properties, such as RAM, disk space, and network cards.[3]

The ReactOS version was developed by Dmitry Chapyshev and Rafal Harabien. It is licensed under the GPL.[4]


The command-syntax is:[5]

systeminfo[.exe] [/s Computer [/u Domain\User [/p Password]]] [/fo {TABLE|LIST|CSV}] [/nh]

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