Systainers (from sys-tem con-tainers) are modular inter-stacking plastic containers used for transporting power tools. Boxes from different manufacturers are compatible and can be stacked and clipped together. A design using four joining clips was introduced by Festo Tooltechnic in 1993.[2] In 2010 the T-Loc variant was introduced using a rotating handle for connecting and locking of containers, in combination with redesigned feet.[2]

Plastic nubs around the base of each container enable stacking and inter-locking from multiple manufacturers.
Other names
  • Berner Bera Clic/+
  • Hitachi Hit-Case
  • Makita MakPac
  • Metabo Metabox/MetaLoc
  • Mafell Max/T-Max
  • Starmix Starbox
  • Systra Modul
ClassificationModular stacking tool box
  • Classic
  • T-Loc
  • Tool Box
  • Systainer3
Used withPower tools
  • Martin Topel (de)
  • Herbert Pauser[1]
  • Festo
  • Tanos

To reduce plastic pollution, Festo designed the Systainer to first allow distribution of products, then be reused in stacking form as reusable packaging for tool transportation and storage.[3]

Several power tool manufacturers use or offer Systainer-compatible variants.[4] Other manufacturers use the alternative Sortimo L-Boxx design.[4]

The term "Systainer" was trademarked in the United States in January 1994.[5]


Systainer height by type (without 7 mm feet)[6]
Type Stacking height increment (mm)
105.0(2 × 52.5 mm)
157.5(3 × 52.5 mm)
210.0(4 × 52.5 mm)
315.0(6 × 52.5 mm)
420.0(8 × 52.5 mm)
Mini III
Mini I
Systainer3 height by type (without 7 mm feet)[7]
Sys³ Stacking height increment (mm)
105.0(2 × 52.5 mm + 0 mm — "4 inch")
130.0(2 × 50 mm + 30 mm — "5 inch")
180.0(3 × 50 mm + 30 mm — "7 inch")
230.0(4 × 50 mm + 30 mm — "9 inch")
330.0(6 × 50 mm + 30 mm — "13 inch")
430.0(8 × 50 mm + 30 mm — "17 inch")

Systainer horizontal dimensions)[8]
Type Nominal (mm) Actual (mm) Internal (mm) Style
Classic T-Loc
Micro[9] 105×65 100×60 Yes
Mini 265×171 254×154 Yes Yes
Normal 400×300 396×296 382×267 Yes Yes
Midi 500×300 496×296 483×267 Yes
Sys3 L 510×300 508×296 Yes
Maxi 600×400 596×396 545×330 Yes
Sys3 XXL 800×300 792×296 786×279 Yes


The T-Loc style uses a single rotating catch mechanism.

In 2009, the design of Tanos' T-Loc stacking boxes was registered in the name of Timo Kuhls.[10]

In 2011, the design of Makita's Makpac stacking boxes was registered in the names of Yuji Yamamoto and Kiyozumi Kokawa.[11][12]

In 2014, the design of Tanos' cantilever toolbox was registered in the name of Timo Kuhls.[13]

Beginning in 2014, the students at the Heinrich-Hübsch wood-working college in Karlsruhe started making wooden containers for each students' tools. The "Woodbox" design is 210 millimetres (8.3 in) high, with a transparent area for drill bits in the lid, and a T-Loc closing handle compatible with other systainer cases.[14] In 2016 the teacher of the class, Peter Winklhofer, made the PDF plans available to enable other carpenters and students to build their own versions of the case.[15]

In 2015, the design of Hitachi's micro-sized Hit-Case stacking boxes was registered in the name of Yi-Hung Lin.[16]

In mid-2019, Systainer³ was announced jointly by Festool, Bott, and Tanos. These containers have integrated slide rail slots for direct connection to van racking, and front handles, along with backward compatibility.[17]

Stacking orderEdit

Stacking order/compatibility of different types
Toolbox T-Loc Sys3 Orga Midi XXL Classic Maxi
Toolbox Yes
Systainer3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1‒2
T-Loc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1‒2
Midi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
Sys3 XXL 1‒2 1‒2 1‒2 1‒2 1 1
Classic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maxi ×2 ×2 ×2 ×2 Yes


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Further readingEdit

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