The first synod of Rouen is generally believed to have been held by Archbishop Saint-Ouen about 650. Sixteen of its decrees, one against simony, the others on liturgical and canonical matters, are still extant.[1]

Later synods were presided over by:

Other synods were held in 1223, 1231, 1278, 1313, 1321, 1335, 1342, 1445, and 1581. The synod held by Archbishop Jacques-Nicolas Colbert in 1699 condemned Fénelon's Maximes des Saints.

The last provincial synod was held by Archbishop Louis-Marie-Edmont Blanquart de Bailleul in 1830; for its Acts see Collectio Lacensis, IV, 513–36.

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  1. ^ Jean-François Pommeraye and a few others place this synod in the second half of the ninth century.

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