Symphony No. 8 (Myaskovsky)

Nikolai Myaskovsky wrote his Symphony No. 8 in A major, his Opus 26, between 1924 and 1925.

The symphony is his second in the major - the first is his fifth symphony - and the premiere was conducted by Konstantin Saradzhev, who had premiered the composer's fourth and seventh symphonies. It is dedicated to Sergei S. Popov.

It is in four movements:

  1. Andante - Allegro in F minor and A major
  2. Allegro risoluto e con spirito in D major
  3. Adagio in B minor
  4. Allegro deciso in A major


  • Robert Stankovsky with the Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra of Bratislava on Marco Polo Records 8.223297, 1991.
  • Evgeny Svetlanov with the Russian Federation Academic Symphony Orchestra on Alto, also released on Warner.


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