The Sykia Dam is a mostly constructed but unused earth-filled embankment dam on the Acheloos River along the border of Karditsa and Arta, Greece. The 170 m (560 ft) tall dam is part of the Acheloos River Diversion which is intended to divert a portion of the Acheloos west to irrigate 240,000–380,000 ha (590,000–940,000 acres) in the Thessaly plains. The project includes the Sykia, Messochora, Mouzaki and Pyli Dams along with a 17.4 km (10.8 mi) long channel.

Sykia Dam
Φράγμα Συκιάς, διακρίνεται ο υπερχειλιστής και τα θεμέλια (πόδας) του φράγματος - panoramio.jpg
Sykia Dam is located in Greece
Sykia Dam
Location of Sykia Dam in Greece
Coordinates39°18′47.98″N 21°24′46.67″E / 39.3133278°N 21.4129639°E / 39.3133278; 21.4129639Coordinates: 39°18′47.98″N 21°24′46.67″E / 39.3133278°N 21.4129639°E / 39.3133278; 21.4129639
PurposeRiver diversion, irrigation, power
Construction began1996
Owner(s)Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment, earth-fill
ImpoundsAcheloos River
Height170 m (560 ft)
Length397 m (1,302 ft)
Dam volume12,000,000 m3 (16,000,000 cu yd)[1]
Total capacity502,000,000 m3 (407,000 acre⋅ft)
Surface area12.8 km2 (4.9 sq mi)
Power Station
Turbines2 x 60 MW Francis-type (planned)
Installed capacity120 MW (planned)

The idea for the Sykia Dam and overall diversion project was first envisioned in the 1930s but a lack of funding precluded construction. Interest in the project was revived in 1984 and construction on the dam began in 1996. Over the next several years there was a series of legal battles that led to final construction stalling, most recently in 2005.[2] Opponents of the scheme cite significant changes to the environment, flooding of villages and that the scheme will divert 600,000,000 m3 (490,000 acre⋅ft) of water annually from the Acheloss. Supporters call on the benefit to the lucrative cotton crops it will help irrigate and the dam's planned 120 MW hydroelectric power plant.[3]

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