Syed Abdur Rabb

Syed Abdur Rabb (1903 – 21 December 1969) was a Bengali social reformer and journalist.

Syed Abdur Rabb
Born1903 (1903)
Gerda, Faridpur District, Bengal Province (now Bangladesh)
Died21 December 1969
OccupationJournalist, social worker

Early lifeEdit

He was born in the village of Gerda, Faridpur District of Bengal Province.[citation needed]

Social WorkEdit

He formed the Khadem-ul-Ensan Samiti established by Syed Abdur Rabb in Faridpur town in 1928. The branches of the Samiti were established in several Bengal districts. For better co-ordination and contact, the office of the Samiti was shifted to Kolkata in 1932 and it was then renamed as Central Khadem-ul Ensan Samiti.

To create public opinion in favour of the ideology and activities of the Central Khadem-ul-Ensan Samiti, Abdur Rabb first established a Bengali quarterly called Muazzin and an English quarterly called Servant of Humanity.[1] Abdur Rabb used to visit all the centers that were established in different districts of Bengal under the banner of his Khadem-ul-Ensan Samiti.

Rabb's mission for establishing Hindu-Muslim harmony and for strengthening social cohesion based on humanity and truth collapsed when the Great Calcutta Riots erupted from 16 August 1946. He was physically injured, his office at College street burnt down. Being deprived of all properties and being disappointed by the communal stands of all major political parties, Rabb retired from active life and came back to his village home after the partition of 1947.[2]


In recognition of Rabb's contributions to social work, the Government of Bengal awarded him His Majesty the King-Emperor Medal to be worn in commemoration of their Majesties' Coronation (dated 12 May 1937).[2]


He died on 21 December 1969.[citation needed]


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