Seymour Liebergot

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Seymour "Sy" Abraham Liebergot (born February 15, 1936 in Camden, New Jersey) is a retired NASA flight controller, serving during the Apollo program. Liebergot was an EECOM controller and was responsible for the electrical and environmental systems on board the Command Module. In 1970, he was part of the team that guided Apollo 13 back to Earth following the explosion which crippled the spacecraft.

Seymour Liebergot
Seymour Liebergot.jpg
Born (1936-02-15) February 15, 1936 (age 87)
Alma materCalifornia State University, Los Angeles, California
OccupationFlight controller - Apollo era thru Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Years active1964–1996
EmployerNASA (Retired)
SpouseDeanna Liebergot (m. 1957- div. 1972)

He began his career in 1963 with North American Aviation after graduating from California State University, Los Angeles. In 1964, he came to NASA. Liebergot was a Deputy Flight Director on Apollo 4,[1][2][3] then an EECOM flight controller on Apollo 815. On Apollo 17, he served as CSSB SPAN (SPacecraft ANalysis room) Support.[4] He continued as a controller in the Skylab and ASTP missions.

In popular cultureEdit

In the 1995 film Apollo 13, Liebergot was played by Clint Howard, the brother of director Ron Howard.


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