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Swiss Sports Personality of the Year

The Swiss Sports Personality of the Year was originally chosen annually from 1950 by the Swiss newspaper Sport[citation needed]. As the newspaper was discontinued in the 1990s, the winners are now chosen by Swiss journalists and TV viewers. Both groups votes are equally weighted in determining the final result. In 2009 Roger Federer had a large lead among voters working in the media, but viewers voted for Didier Cuche, giving him the awards. Even Cuche was surprised and in his speech he apologized to Federer, saying "I hope he's not too angry." In 2005 spectators voted for Thomas Lüthi while the media instead voted for Federer.

Roger Federer has won this award a record seven times (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2012, 2014, and 2017).

List of winnersEdit

1950 Armin Scheurer track and field
1951 Hugo Koblet road cycling
1952 Josef Stalder gymnastics
1953 Alfred Bickel football (soccer)
1954 Ida Bieri-Schöpfer alpine skiing
1955 Hans Frischknecht track and field
1956 Madeleine Chamot-Berthod alpine skiing
1957 Walter Tschudi track and field
1958 Christian Wägli track and field
1959 Ernst Fivian gymnastics
1960 Bruno Galliker track and field
1961 Gérard Barras track and field
1962 Adolf Mathis alpine skiing
1963 August Hollenstein shooting
1964 Henri Chamartin equestrian (dressage)
1965 Urs von Wartburg track and field
1966 Meta Antenen track and field
1967 Werner Duttweiler track and field
1968 Josef Haas Nordic skiing
1969 Philippe Clerc track and field
1970 Bernhard Russi alpine skiing
1971 Meta Antenen track and field
1972 Bernhard Russi alpine skiing
Marie-Theres Nadig alpine skiing
1973 Werner Dössegger track and field
Karin Iten figure skating
1974 Clay Regazzoni auto racing
Lise-Marie Morerod alpine skiing
1975 Rolf Bernhard track and field
Lise-Marie Morerod alpine skiing
1976 Heini Hemmi alpine skiing
Christine Stückelberger equestrian (dressage)
1977 Michel Broillet weightlifting
Lise-Marie Morerod alpine skiing
1978 Markus Ryffel track and field
Cornelia Bürki track and field
1979 Peter Lüscher alpine skiing
Denise Biellmann figure skating
1980 Robert Dill-Bundi road cycling
Ruth Keller gymnastics
1981 Roland Dalhäuser track and field
Denise Biellmann figure skating
1982 Urs Freuler road cycling
Erika Hess alpine skiing
1983 Urs Freuler road cycling
Doris de Agostini alpine skiing
1984 Étienne Dagon swimming
Michela Figini alpine skiing
1985 Pirmin Zurbriggen alpine skiing
Michela Figini alpine skiing
1986 Werner Günthör track and field
Maria Walliser alpine skiing
1987 Werner Günthör track and field
Maria Walliser alpine skiing
1988 Hippolyt Kempf Nordic skiing
Vreni Schneider alpine skiing
1989 Tony Rominger road cycling
Vreni Schneider alpine skiing
1990 Daniel Giubellini gymnastics
Anita Protti track and field
1991 Werner Günthör track and field
Vreni Schneider alpine skiing
1992 Tony Rominger road cycling
Conny Kissling freestyle skiing
1993 Tony Rominger road cycling
Manuela Maleeva tennis
1994 Tony Rominger road cycling
Vreni Schneider alpine skiing
1995 Donghua Li gymnastics
Vreni Schneider alpine skiing
1996 Donghua Li gymnastics
Barbara Heeb road cycling
1997 Michael von Grünigen alpine skiing
Martina Hingis tennis
1998 Oscar Camenzind road cycling
Natascha Badmann triathlon
1999 Marcel Schelbert track and field
Anita Weyermann track and field
2000 André Bucher track and field
Brigitte McMahon triathlon
2001 André Bucher track and field
Sonja Nef alpine skiing
2002 Simon Ammann ski jumping
Natascha Badmann triathlon
2003 Roger Federer tennis
Simone Niggli-Luder orienteering
2004 Roger Federer tennis
Karin Thürig road cycling
2005 Thomas Lüthi motorcycle racing
Simone Niggli-Luder orienteering
2006 Roger Federer tennis
Tanja Frieden snowboarding
2007 Roger Federer tennis
Simone Niggli-Luder orienteering
2008 Fabian Cancellara road cycling
Ariella Kaeslin gymnastics
2009 Didier Cuche alpine skiing
Ariella Kaeslin gymnastics
2010 Simon Ammann ski jumping
Ariella Kaeslin gymnastics
2011 Didier Cuche alpine skiing
Sarah Meier figure skating
2012[1] Roger Federer tennis
Nicola Spirig triathlon
2013 Dario Cologna cross-country skiing
Giulia Steingruber gymnastics
2014[2] Roger Federer tennis
Dominique Gisin alpine skiing
2015 Stan Wawrinka tennis
Daniela Ryf triathlon
2016 Fabian Cancellara road cycling
Lara Gut alpine skiing
2017 Roger Federer tennis
Wendy Holdener alpine skiing
2018 Nino Schurter cross-country cycling
Daniela Ryf triathlon


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