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SwissSign, a joint venture of Swiss Post and SBB, is an expert in trusted certificates and digital signature. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Glattbrugg, Zürich, the company offers qualified certificates, qualified signatures and time stamps according to Swiss Digital Signature Law ZertES and the European eIDAS regulation trustworthy Standard SSL, Wildcard SSL and EV SSL certificates, e-mail certificates, as well as enterprise Managed PKI solutions.

Joint Venture
Headquarters 28 Sägereistrasse, CH-8152 Glattbrugg
Key people
Markus Naef, CEO
Products Public key certificates and other identity and security services
Owner Swiss Post and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Certifications and memberships As a trusted service provider (TSP), SwissSign fulfils the requirements of the Swiss Certification Law (ZertES), the EU regulation standards (eIDAS), FINMA outsourcing guidelines, CA Browser Forum and ISO 27001. These recognitions entitle SwissSign to issue qualified certificates and products for qualified electronic signatures in Switzerland and in the European Union (EU) and worldwide trustworthy certificates.

For example, SwissSign issues the SuisseID. Based on its qualified certificate a qualified electronic signature can achieve the same status as a hand-written signature in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations. For electronic invoicing and archiving of business records in accordance with Swiss law (Swiss Business Records Ordinance GeBüV and ordinance on electronic data and information ElDI-V) SwissSign offers regulated organization seals and qualified time stamps. Both are shown as trustworthy signatures in the Adobe PDF reader. The details are governed in the applicable Swiss legislation and implementation provisions.

SwissSign is also a member of the CA/Browser Forum, the TeleTrusT European Bridge CA and the Adobe Approved Trust List and has been awarded the "swiss made software" label.


  • Founded in 2001, acquired by Swiss Post in 2005 and a joint venture of Swiss Post and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) since 2017
  • Offices in Glattbrugg and Kriens and subsidiary in Vaduz (Liechtenstein)
  • Accredited supplier of qualified time stamps and qualified signatures
  • 100% Swiss-made: own CA software, root CA stored in Swiss banks
  • Compliance with standards: CA/Browser Forum, ETSI, ISO/IEC, audited by KPMG and TÜV Nord