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SwissSign is a certificate authority that has been wholly owned by the Swiss Post since 1 July 2005. As an organizational unit of the Group Corporation for Swiss Post Solutions, SwissSign is an independent legal entity focusing on the development, production, marketing, operations, and support of certificate-based identity and IT security solutions. In addition, SwissSign offers consulting services related to the solutions it provides.

Product type Public key certificates and other identity and security services
Owner Swiss Post
Country   Switzerland
Markets World

SwissSign was established in 2001. The company subsequently specialized on certificate-based IT security and data protection (privacy). SwissSign also works in the areas of strategic planning, organization development and IT operational management.

In October 2006, SwissSign was certified as a recognized provider of qualified ZertES (Bundesgesetz über die elektronische Signatur) certificates by KPMG. This meant that SwissSign fulfilled all of the requirements for the correct implementation of complex customer-specific public key infrastructure (PKI) systems. SwissSign’s core product – certification authority (CA) software – has for years provided tailored digital identities.

Many firms are among the oldest reference customers in this area, including Helsana or Abacus. Included in the standard SwissSign certificate products is the CA written for the PostCertificate launched in April 2007.


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