Swimming at the 2020 Summer Olympics – Women's 200 metre butterfly

The women's 200 metre butterfly event at the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in 2021 at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre.[1] It will be the event's fourteenth consecutive appearance, having been held at every edition since 1968.

Women's 200 metre butterfly
at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad
VenueTokyo Aquatics Centre
← 2016
2024 →


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record   Liu Zige (CHN) 2:01.81 Jinan, China 21 October 2009 [2][3]
Olympic record   Jiao Liuyang (CHN) 2:04.06 London, United Kingdom 1 August 2012 [4]


The Olympic Qualifying Time for the event is 2:08.43. Up to two swimmers per National Olympic Committee (NOC) can automatically qualify by swimming that time at an approved qualification event. The Olympic Selection Time is 2:12.28. Up to one swimmer per NOC meeting that time is eligible for selection, allocated by world ranking until the maximum quota for all swimming events is reached. NOCs without a female swimmer qualified in any event can also use their universality place.[5]

Competition formatEdit

The competition consists of three rounds: heats, semifinals, and a final. The swimmers with the best 16 times in the heats advance to the semifinals. The swimmers with the best 8 times in the semifinals advance to the final. Swim-offs are used as necessary to break ties for advancement to the next round.[6]


All times are Japan standard time (UTC+9)[1]

Date Time Round
TBC 19:00 Heats
TBC 10:30 Semifinals
TBC 10:30 Final



The swimmers with the top 16 times, regardless of heat, advance to the semifinals.


The swimmers with the best 8 times, regardless of heat, advanced to the final.



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