Swimming at the 1928 Summer Olympics – Men's 1500 metre freestyle

The men's 1500 metre freestyle was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1928 Summer Olympics programme.[1] It was the fifth appearance of the event, which was established in 1908. The competition was held from Saturday to Monday, 4 to 6 August 1928.

Men's 1500 metre freestyle
at the Games of the IX Olympiad
VenueOlympic Sports Park Swim Stadium
Date4–6 August
Competitors19 from 13 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Arne Borg  Sweden
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Boy Charlton  Australia
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Buster Crabbe  United States
← 1924
1932 →

Nineteen swimmers from 13 nations competed.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1928 Summer Olympics.

World Record 19:07.2   Arne Borg Bologna (ITA) 2 September 1927
Olympic Record 20:06.6   Boy Charlton Paris (FRA) 15 July 1924

In the final Arne Borg bettered the Olympic record to 19:51.8 minutes.



Saturday 4 August 1928: The fastest two in each heat and the fastest third-placed from across the heats advanced.

Heat 1Edit

Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 Austin Clapp   United States 21:31.0 Q
2 Takaji Takebayashi   Japan 22:30.4 Q
3 James Thompson   Canada 22:56.6
4 Giovanni Gambi   Italy Unknown
5 Jean Taris   France Unknown

Heat 2Edit

Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 Nobuo Arai   Japan 21:35.4 Q
2 Giuseppe Perentin   Italy 21:42.4 Q
3 Dick de Man   Netherlands 23:03.2
4 David Lindsay   New Zealand Unknown

Heat 3Edit

Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 Katsuo Takaishi   Japan 21:20.8 Q
2 Ray Ruddy   United States 22:12.0 Q
3 Václav Antoš   Czechoslovakia 22:43.0

Heat 4Edit

Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 Alberto Zorrilla   Argentina 22:21.2 Q
2 Garnet Ault   Canada 22:55.8 Q

Heat 5Edit

Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 Arne Borg   Sweden 20:14.2 Q
2 Boy Charlton   Australia 20:17.4 Q
3 Buster Crabbe   United States 20:17.8 q
4 Walter Handschuhmacher   Germany 22:18.6
5 Taburan Tamse   Philippines Unknown


Sunday 5 August 1928: The fastest three in each semi-final advanced to the final.

Semifinal 1Edit

Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 Arne Borg   Sweden 20:42.0 Q
2 Alberto Zorrilla   Argentina 21:17.0 Q
3 Garnet Ault   Canada 21:33.4 Q
4 Nobuo Arai   Japan Unknown
Takaji Takebayashi   Japan DNF
Austin Clapp   United States DNS

Semifinal 2Edit

Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 Buster Crabbe   United States 20:55.4 Q
2 Boy Charlton   Australia 20:57.0 Q
3 Ray Ruddy   United States 21:31.2 Q
4 Giuseppe Perentin   Italy Unknown
Katsuo Takaishi   Japan DNS


Monday 6 August 1928:

Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
  Arne Borg   Sweden 19:51.8 OR
  Boy Charlton   Australia 20:02.6
  Buster Crabbe   United States 20:28.8
4 Ray Ruddy   United States 21:05.0
5 Alberto Zorrilla   Argentina 21:23.8
6 Garnet Ault   Canada 21:46.0


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