Swimming at the 1912 Summer Olympics – Women's 100 metre freestyle

The women's 100 metre freestyle was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1912 Summer Olympics programme.[1] It was the first appearance of a women's event in Olympic swimming, followed closely by the 4×100 metre free relay. The competition was held from Monday to Friday, 8 to 12 July 1912.

Women's 100 metre freestyle
at the Games of the V Olympiad
Fanny Durack, Mina Wylie and Jennie Fletcher 1912b.jpg
Fanny Durack, Mina Wylie and Jennie Fletcher at the 1912 Olympics
Dates8–12 July
Competitors27 from 8 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Fanny Durack  Australasia
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Mina Wylie  Australasia
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Jennie Fletcher  Great Britain
1920 →

Twenty-seven swimmers from eight nations competed.

Durack also won the gold medal, with compatriot Wylie close behind for silver.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1912 Summer Olympics.

World Record 1:20.6   Daisy Curwen Birkenhead (GBR) 10 June 1912
Olympic Record none

Belle Moore, swimming in the first heat, set the first Olympic record with 1 minute 29.8 seconds. In the second heat Daisy Curwen bettered the record with 1 minute 23.6 seconds, and in the fourth heat Fanny Durack set a new world record with 1 minute 19.8 seconds.



The top two in each heat advanced along with the fastest loser overall.

Heat 1

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1   Belle Moore (GBR) 1:29.8 QS OR
2   Louise Otto (GER) 1:34.4 QS
3   Klara Milch (AUT) 1:37.2
4   Greta Johansson (SWE) 1:41.4
5   Tyyne Järvi (FIN) 1:42.4
  Aagot Norman (NOR) DNF

Heat 2

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1   Daisy Curwen (GBR) 1:23.6 QS OR
2   Jennie Fletcher (GBR) 1:26.2 QS
3   Berta Zahourek (AUT) 1:38.6
4   Josefa Kellner (AUT) 1:41.2
5   Karin Lundgren (SWE) 1:44.8
6   Sonja Johnsson (SWE)

Heat 3

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1   Mina Wylie (ANZ) 1:26.8 QS
2   Mary Langford (GBR) 1:28.0 QS
3   Hermine Stindt (GER) 1:29.2
4   Josephine Sticker (AUT) 1:31.8
5   Claire Guttenstein (BEL)
6   Elsa Björklund (SWE)

Heat 4

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1   Fanny Durack (ANZ) 1:19.8 QS WR
2   Irene Steer (GBR) 1:27.2 QS
3   Wally Dressel (GER) 1:28.6 qs
4   Margarete Adler (AUT) 1:34.4
5   Greta Carlsson (SWE)
6   Regina Kari (FIN)

Heat 5

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1   Grete Rosenberg (GER) 1:25.0 QS
2   Annie Speirs (GBR) 1:25.6 QS
3   Vera Thulin (SWE) 1:44.0


The top two from each heat and the faster of the two third place swimmers advanced.

Semifinal 1

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1   Fanny Durack (ANZ) 1:20.2 QF
2   Daisy Curwen (GBR) 1:26.8 QF
3   Annie Speirs (GBR) 1:27.0 qf
4   Belle Moore (GBR) 1:27.4
5   Mary Langford (GBR) 1:29.2
6   Louise Otto (GER) 1:32.0

Semifinal 2

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1   Mina Wylie (ANZ) 1:27.0 QF
2   Jennie Fletcher (GBR) 1:27.2 QF
3   Grete Rosenberg (GER) 1:29.2 *
4   Wally Dressel (GER) 1:33.4
  Irene Steer (GBR) DQ

Curwen had to undergo an operation for appendicitis and missed the final. Rosenberg advanced to the final to replace her.


The final
Place Swimmer Time
1   Fanny Durack (ANZ) 1:22.2
2   Mina Wylie (ANZ) 1:25.4
3   Jennie Fletcher (GBR) 1:27.0
4   Grete Rosenberg (GER) 1:27.2
5   Annie Speirs (GBR) 1:27.4
  Daisy Curwen (GBR) DNS


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