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Swift-Xi Inc. (スウィフト・エックスアイ株式会社) is an American-Japanese joint venture between Swift Engineering Inc. and Kobe Institute of Computing, located in the city of Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.[2] It provides data, logistics, and operations of autonomous and robotic technologies in Japan and around the world. The Chairman & CEO of the company is Hiro Matsushita, a former driver in the Champ car series and the grandson of Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic.[3][4]

Swift Xi Inc.
Native name
Private, Joint ventures
FoundedApril 13, 2018; 2 years ago (2018-04-13)
Hyogo, Kobe
HeadquartersKobe, Hyogo, Japan 34°41′56″N 135°11′36″E / 34.698972°N 135.193222°E / 34.698972; 135.193222Coordinates: 34°41′56″N 135°11′36″E / 34.698972°N 135.193222°E / 34.698972; 135.193222
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On April 13, 2018, Swift Engineering a San Clemente, California based innovation company with a 35-year history of design, engineering and build heritage in intelligent systems and advanced vehicles, including autonomous systems, helicopters, submarines, spacecraft, ground vehicles, robotics, and advanced composites joint ventured (60% ownership) with 'work-ready' professional IT personnel Graduate school Kobe Institute of Computing based in Kobe


Swift Engineering

  • 2013 - Swift Engineering has been chosen as a "Best in Class" A&D Company to Watch by Aviation Week[5]
  • 2015 - Boeing Supplier of the Year nomination in 2015
  • 2017 - Swift Engineering was awarded "Best Intrapreneurship" by OCTANe, Orange County's technology, and life sciences accelerator organization, during the annual High Tech Innovations event held Oct. 13, 2017, in Newport Beach, CA.
  • 2018 - Swift proposed to design, fabricate, and fly a Swift Ultra Long Endurance (SULE) 30-day mission HALE UAS with flight tests including 24-hrs, 48-hrs, and 7-days during the Phase 2 timeline for Nasa[6]. All operations, ground control, safety, reviews, and payload will be included in these test flights and within the proposed 2-year timeframe. [7]
  • 2019 - Swift Engineering has been selected out of 25 companies around the world to install a UAS academy for the Ministry of National Security (Bahamas), to deploy a suite of drones to support the country's command, control, communication, and ISR efforts.,[8]
  • 2019 Swift is delivering a pair of low-cost (90% reduction), low weight (50% reduction) telepresence robotic arm replacements to NASA for their Valkyrie humanoid robotic assembly.

Kobe Institute of Computing

  • KIC ranked #1 among 530 Japanese private universities in terms of the sustainability index, composed of growth of a number of students, growth of government research grant, and financial soundness.[9]
  • KIC has been awarded JICA President Award 2019 to commend the individuals and organizations with preeminent achievements of the socio-economic development in developing countries through Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) international cooperation activities.[10]

UAS (Unmanned Arieal Systems) PlatformEdit

Swift takes a two-pronged approach at its UAS Platform;[11]


  • Preparing, Maintaining control and reducing exposure, such as;
  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring[12]
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Maritime Operations
  • Change Detection Over Time
  • Forestry Management


  • Saving lives by enhancing situational awareness, such as;
  • Safely assess major disasters and high-risk areas
  • Help search and rescue (SAR) crews
  • Provide real-time imagery to decision-makers
  • Identify potential problems
  • Document cleanup and recovery effort

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