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Swift-Xi Inc. (スウィフト・エックスアイ株式会社) is a Japanese joint venture between Swift Engineering Inc. and the Kobe Institute of Computing, located in the city of Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.[2] It provides data, logistics, and operations of autonomous and robotic technologies in Japan and around the world. The Chairman & CEO of the company is Hiro Matsushita, a former driver in the Champ car series and the grandson of Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic.[3][4]

Swift Xi Inc.
Native name
FoundedApril 13, 2018; 16 months ago (2018-04-13)
Hyogo, Kobe
HeadquartersKobe, Hyogo, Japan 34°41′56″N 135°11′36″E / 34.698972°N 135.193222°E / 34.698972; 135.193222Coordinates: 34°41′56″N 135°11′36″E / 34.698972°N 135.193222°E / 34.698972; 135.193222
Area served
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Quality Control SystemEdit

Swift Engineering is an Approved Supplier of several major prime aerospace and aviation companies such as Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Gulfstream Aerospace. Swift has successfully designed, manufactured, and delivered a wide array of products and vehicles that have met these customer’s quality requirements through production control. Swift has an existing configuration management methodology in place which is used throughout the lifetime of the program.


The Swift020/021 is a multi-rotor type VTOL UAS which takes off vertically and flies horizontally.[5] It has been designed by Swift Engineering a ISO9001, AS9100D approved and Nadcap Composites accredited and has a voting member on the Nadcap Supplier committee.

Swift020 in Kobe


*Max Weight = 41.8 lbs / 19kg (Fuselage body weight and the total battery weight that is needed to fly)
*Max take off weight = 20 kl
*Measurement = 3.96m L x 1.2m D x 1.2m H
*Transport = 150 lb (1 Commercial Airline Approved Cases)

Operational Limits

*Power Plant = All Electric
*Max allowable payload = 1 - 1.5 kg
*Max speed = 110 km/h
*Max achievable altitude = 3000 m
*Wind speed in which flight is possible = Less than 7 m/s(headwind and side wind)
*Reachable distance of the radio waves = Normal-0-40km, extended range-up to 100km
*Operating = Altitude 100–400 ft / 30-120 m
*Mission = Endurance 2 hrs
*Range = 120 km
*GCS = Mobile
*Environment temperature for operation = 0°C to 45°C
*Amount of rainfall in the environment for operation = less than 25 mm/h
*Flying method = Fully Autonomous control through the ground control station (GCS) and Swift autopilot


The Swift020/021 has the ability to carry numerous types of payloads for collecting intelligence, data, including still image and real-time video cameras, EO/IR and SAR sensors, laser range finders, laser designators, infrared cameras, a high quality digital camera with interchangeable lens Communications relay equipment, Lidar, and Environmental Monitoring Sensor. The Swift020/021 was designed to provide services in disaster management, surveillance, emergency deliveries, and to also offer high definition videos to assess crop density, growth formation from a bird's-eye view to create action plans, irrigation fertilization, and disease management to increase crop yield.

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