Sweet sixteen (birthday)

A sweet sixteen is a coming-of-age party[1] celebrating a girl's 16th birthday, mainly celebrated in some parts of the United States and Canada.

Traditions edit

Shoe ceremony edit

For girls, the shoe ceremony is common at Quinceañeras parties. In this ceremony, the birthday girl sits down in a chair while her father, grandfather, Godfather, Uncle, or brother approaches her, carrying a decorative pillow with high heels on top. The girl would traditionally be wearing flat shoes, such as slippers, and the father ceremoniously helps her into her new high heels. This is symbolic of the girl transitioning into a woman.[2]

Tiara ceremony edit

The tiara ceremony is similar to the shoe ceremony, except the mother or a strong female figure approaches with a tiara instead of shoes and places it on her daughter's head to symbolize her becoming a woman. Sometimes this is combined with the shoe ceremony so that two people approach the birthday girl, one with a pillow with high heels, and the other with a pillow with a tiara.[2]

Candle-lighting ceremony edit

This tradition is most common in Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras and sweet sixteens, although in different ages. There are typically 16 candles, each of which are given to special family members and friends by the birthday girl.[3] Usually, when the recipient of the candle is named, a few words are said by the birthday girl in regards to why this person (or people) is special to them, they may tell a short story or fun memory they have shared with that person. The birthday girl can decide to give her candles to whomever she chooses.[4]

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