Swedish Parasports Federation

The Swedish Parasports Federation (Swedish: Svenska parasportförbundet), earlier the Swedish Sports Organization for the Disabled ((Swedish: Svenska handikappidrottsförbundet)) (SHIF) and later the Swedish Sports Organization for the Disabled and Swedish Paralympic Committee ((Swedish: Svenska handikappidrottsförbundet och Sveriges paralympiska kommitté)) (SHIF/SPK) is the umbrella organization for disability sports in Sweden. The current name was adopted during a meeting in Malmö on 9 May 2015.[1][2]

Swedish Parasports Federation
Swedish Parasports Federation logo
National Paralympic Committee
Country Sweden
Created1969 (1969)
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
PresidentMargareta Israelsson

It is the National Paralympic Committee in Sweden for the Paralympic Games movement. It's a non-profit organisation that selects teams, and raises funds to send Swedish competitors to Paralympic events organised by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

The organisation was founded in 1969, and became a member of the Swedish Sports Confederation the same year.[3]

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