Swedish Golf Federation

The Swedish Golf Federation (Swedish: Svenska Golfförbundet, SGF) is the governing body for the sport of golf in Sweden, founded in 1904.[1]

Swedish Golf Federation
Swedish Golf Federation logo.jpg
Founded1904 (1904)
AffiliationInternational Golf Federation (IGF)
Regional affiliationEuropean Golf Association (EGA)
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
ChairmanMaria Möller
SecretaryGunnar Håkansson
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The federation is responsible for administering the Rules of Golf, as laid down by The R&A, at the national level. It organizes tournaments, manages the national teams, and promotes the game. As of 2017, the federation organized 460 golf clubs and 468,570 individual members, 72% male and 28% female.[2] This makes it the largest sports federation in Sweden in terms of active members, ahead of association football and athletics in second and third place.[2]

SGF is a member of the European Golf Association (EGA). Thanks to a high national participation rate of almost 5%, SGF is EGA's third largest national member behind England and Germany (661,805 and 640,181 members respectively as of 2016).[3]

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