Division 3 (Swedish football)

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Division 3 is the fifth level in the league system of Swedish football and comprises 144

Swedish Division 3
Current sport.svg Division 3 League Tables 2021
Number of Teams
144 (in twelve groups)
Promotion to
Division 2
Relegation to
Division 4
Current Champions

Assi IF (N Norrland)
Tegs SK (M Norrland)
Selånger FK (S Norrland)
Karlbergs BK (N Svealand)
Karlslunds IF HFK (V Svealand)
Eskilstuna Södra FF (S Svealand)
IF Hagapojkarna (NÖ Götaland)
IFK Uddevalla (NV Götaland)
Sävedalens IF (M Götaland)
Oskarshamns AIK (SÖ Götaland)
Eskilsminne IF (SV Götaland)
Torns IF (S Götaland)

Swedish football teams. Division 3 had status as the official third level from 1928 to 1986, but was replaced by Division 2 in 1987. It then had status as the official fourth level until 2005, but was replaced once again as Division 1 was recreated in 2006.

The competitionEdit

There are 144 clubs in Division 3, divided in 12 groups of 12 teams each representing a geographical area. During the course of a season (starting in April and ending in October) each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 22 games. The top team in each Division 3 group is promoted to Division 2 and the two lowest placed teams from each Division 2 league are relegated in their place. The second placed teams in each Division 3 group plays promotion/relegation play-offs against the third lowest teams in Division 2.

Normally, at the end of each season the three lowest placed teams of each group are relegated to the regional Division 4 and thirty-six teams from the regional Division 4 leagues are promoted in their place while the fourth lowest placed teams in the Division 3 leagues plays promotion/relegation play-offs against teams in Division 4. There were a series of relegation/promotion play-offs at the end of the 2010 season. [1]


The Swedish Football Association (Swedish: Svenska Fotbollförbundet; SvFF) is responsible for the administration of Division 3.

Current clubsEdit

2014 season

Location of teams of the 2014 Division 2 teams.
  Red: Norra Norrland;   Blue: Mellersta Norrland;   Green: Södra Norrland;   Yellow: Västra Svealand;   Purple: Östra Svealand;   Pink: Södra Svealand;   Brown: Nordöstra Götaland;   White: Nordvästra Götaland;   Turquoise: Mellersta Götaland;   Lightgreen: Sydöstra Götaland;   Cyan: Sydvästra Götaland;   Orange: Södra Götaland.
Location of Stockhomlm teams of the 2014 Division 3.
  Orange: Östra Svealand;   Orange: Södra Svealand.
Location of Västra Götaland County teams of the 2014 Division 3.
  Orange: Nordvästra Götaland;   Turquoise: Mellersta Götaland;   Orange: Sydvästra Götaland.
Location of Skåne County teams of the 2014 Division 3.
  Orange: Sydöstra Götaland;   Orange: Södra Götaland.

Division 3 Norra NorrlandEdit


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Division 3 Västra SvealandEdit


Division 3 Norra SvealandEdit


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