Swarna Manjari is a 1962 Telugu, swashbuckling adventure fantasy film, produced by P. Adinarayana Rao under the Anjali Pictures banner[3] and directed by Vedantam Raghavaiah.[4] It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Anjali Devi in the lead roles[5] and music composed by P. Adinarayana Rao.[6][7] The film is a simultaneously made as Tamil movie Mangaiyar Ullam Mangatha Selvam (1962); both the movies are made by the same banner & director.

Swarna Manjari
Swarna Manjari.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byVedantam Raghavaiah
Produced byP. Adinarayana Rao
Written byMalladi Ramakrishna Sastry (dialogues)
Screenplay byVedantam Raghavaiah
Story byAditya
Malladi Ramakrishna Sastry
StarringN. T. Rama Rao
Anjali Devi
Music byP. Adinarayana Rao
CinematographyMahlee Irani
Aadi Irani
Edited byN. S. Prakasham
Release date
  • 10 August 1962 (1962-08-10)
Running time
156 mins


The film begins in a kingdom, with the birthday celebrations of its Prince was Chandra Bhanu (N. T. Rama Rao) when a dancer Swarna Manjari (Anjali) trained by her father Varma (Chittor V. Nagaiah) gives her performance and wins his heart. Here the chief minister Mahendra Shakti (Rajanala) a malicious person also attracted to her. Actually, Mahendra Shakti deceits in two shades, one as Rajaguru and another as a wizard. Right now, he intrigues to sacrifice Swarna Manjari to the goddess to become an omnipotent, so, he kidnaps and tries to molest her, but she absconds. Meanwhile, Chandra Bhanu, with his friend Srimukha (Padmanabham) starts makes a tour before the coronation. On the way, he learns regarding the plight by Varma when he takes a vow to protect Swarna Manjari and make her as his queen. In Search of her, they land at a mysterious place where a Mermaid Yamini (Jayanthi) pulls him to the underwater world and tries to attract but in vain. Parallelly, Srimukha is caught by a creeper Latha (Meena Kumari) and they fall in love. Fortuitously, Swarna Manjari also winds up to the same place and being aware of Chandra Bhanu she moves to rescue him. Underwater with his blessing of Lord Jalakanteshwara Swamy (Ramakrishna) she gets back Chandra Bhanu. But, unfortunately, the mermaid decapitates her when Chandra Bhanu beseech the mermaid which she accepts on an oath, that he will reside to her by the full moon day. Now Swarna Manjari becomes normal, but her hands are missing. Nevertheless, Chandra Bhanu marries her. Time Passes, the mermaid takes him back, by the time, Swarna Manjari gives birth to a baby boy. At present, Rajuguru's ruse makes Swarna Manjari ostracize from the kingdom along with the baby and in the forest, both of them get separated. The baby reaches Varma and he recognizes him by the locket on his neck. On the other side, the Mermaid requests Chandra Bhanu to carry out an adventurous tour to remove her curse which he accomplishes. Thereafter, Chandra Bhanu is relieved and returns when he finds out the falsity of Rajaguru, but he is captured. Eventually, in search of her baby, Swarna Manjari saves a snake and with its boon, she gets her hands back. At last, Swarna Manjari, Srimukha, Latha, & Varma reach Rajaguru's den. Finally, Chandra Bhanu stamps out Mahendra Shakti and the movie ends on a happy note.




Swarna Manjari
Film score by
ProducerP. Adinarayana Rao

Music composed by P. Adinarayana Rao. Lyrics were written by Samudrala Sr. Music released by Audio Company.

S. No. Song Title Singers length
1 "Jhanana Jhanana" Ghantasala, P. Susheela 3:20
2 "Madhuramaina Gurudeevena" Ghantasala, P. Susheela 6:40
3 "Raave Pranava Roopini" Ghantasala 2:33
4 "Maimarapinche Ee Sogaru" S. Janaki 3:14
5 "Tharaliraavaa" P. Susheela 3:23
6 "Aadaenu Paadaenuga" S. Janaki 3:08
7 "Chootham Rare" S. Janaki 3:08
8 "Idhiye Jeevithaanandhamu" Ghantasala, P. Susheela 5:35
9 "Yemo Yemo Yedhalona" Ghantasala, P. Susheela S. Janaki 3:08
10 "Ammaa Nee Aasalanni" Ghantasala 3:18


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