Sveti Lovreč Labinski

Sveti Lovreč Labinski (Croatian: Sv. Lovreċ Labinski / Italian: St.Lorenzo di Albona) is a small hamlet in Raša municipality, Istria County, Croatia.[2] The church, built in the early 17th century, is also the Parish church and has the same name as the hamlet. During the Austria-Hungary occupation, it belonged to the municipality of Vlahovo, just west of the Municipality of Cerovica. The population of St. Lovreć Labinski in 2011 was 55.[1]

St. Lorenzo di Albona

Sveti Lovreč Labinski
St. Lorenzo di Albona is located in Croatia
St. Lorenzo di Albona
St. Lorenzo di Albona
Location St. Lovreć Labinski
Coordinates: 44°59′28″N 14°06′10″E / 44.991°N 14.1027°E / 44.991; 14.1027Coordinates: 44°59′28″N 14°06′10″E / 44.991°N 14.1027°E / 44.991; 14.1027
CountyIstria County
 • Total55

The hamlet includes two small settlements to the south, Diminići and Kobaviči, which, in the custom of the time, were named for the families who settled them.

In the mid-17th century, Sveti Lovreč had 32 houses.[3]

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