Sveta Jelena

Sveta Jelena (Croatian pronunciation: [ˈsveta jeˈlena]) is a historic medieval site in Međimurje County, northern Croatia.

The chapel of St. Helen

Originally a distinct settlement, Sveta Jelena is part of the Šenkovec municipality, about two kilometres away from Čakovec to the north. The site is well known for its Pauline monastery of Sveta Jelena (St. Helen in English) and associated facilities. Members of the Zrinski noble family were buried in a mausoleum there. From the whole monastery complex, only the Saint Helen's Chapel still exists.

The monastery itself was founded by Stephen II Lackfi, Lord of Međimurje and Ban of Croatia, on 27 August 1376 and dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary and All Saints. After Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Croatia abolished the Paulists' provinces in his Empire on 7 February 1786, the members of the Order left Sveta Jelena.

Over time, the monastery complex had to be rebuilt several times after being damaged by disasters such as fires and earthquakes. In particular, a large earthquake in 1880 nearly destroyed the building. Partial archaeological excavations have been carried out recently by the local Međimurje Museum in Čakovec.

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