Svenska normallyceum i Helsingfors

Svenska normallyceum i Helsingfors (Norsen) was a Swedish school in the Kaartinkaupunki district of Helsinki between 1864 and 1977. The school was only for boys until 1974 when it became a co-educational school.[1]

Svenska normallyceum
Svenska Normallyceum (Ruotsalainen Normaalilyseo) - N253464 - hkm.HKMS000005-000005m5.jpg

School typeLyceum


Svenska Normalyceum was established on the initiative of Johan Vilhelm Snellman in 1864. The school was initially called Helsingfors normalskola, but the name was changed in 1874. As a normal school, Norsen offered prospective teachers auscultation opportunities, which is why it included both classical and realschule education.[2] Between 1867-1872 the school had a department for Finnish-speaking students.[3]

The school was located on Alexandersgatan 6 for the first few years and then on Kaserngatan 48 between 1867-1878. Norsen was then temporarily located in a rented facility at Bangatan 2,[1] while a new school building designed by architect Axel Hampus Dahlström was being built. In 1880 the school moved to the new building on Unionsgatan 2, where it remained.[2]

Svenska Normallyceum i Helsingfors

Norsen was a boys' school until 1974 when it was merged with the girl's school Svenska Flicklyceet i Helsingfors and formed a co-educational school. In 1977 the school was split into the högstadium Högstadieskolan Svenska normallyceum and the gymnasium Ottelinska Gymnasiet, now Gymnasiet Svenska normallyceum.[1]

Famous alumniEdit


  • Julius Efraim Bergroth 1864-1870
  • Alfred Kihlman 1871-1895
  • Carl Johan Lindeqvist 1896-1900
  • Vilhelm Theodor Rosenqvist 1900-1918


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