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Lake Sukhodolskoye

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Lake Sukhodolskoye (Russian: Суходольское озеро; Finnish: Suvanto) is a narrow 40 km long lake on the Karelian Isthmus located in Priozersky District of Leningrad Oblast, Russia. It is a part of the Vuoksi River basin, constituting its southern armlet, and drained by Burnaya River.

Lake Sukhodolskoye
Location Priozersky District, Leningrad Oblast
Coordinates 60°40′29″N 30°14′42″E / 60.67472°N 30.24500°E / 60.67472; 30.24500Coordinates: 60°40′29″N 30°14′42″E / 60.67472°N 30.24500°E / 60.67472; 30.24500
Primary outflows Burnaya River
Basin countries Russia
Max. length 40 km (25 mi)

Originally waters of Lake Suvanto (Lake Sukhodolskoye) quietly flowed into Vuoksi through a waterway at Kiviniemi. However, in 1818 the channel that had been dug to drain spring flood waters from Suvanto into Lake Ladoga unexpectedly turned into Taipaleenjoki (Burnaya River), which started draining Suvanto and decreased its level by 7 m. The Kiviniemi waterway dried out. In 1857 a channel was dug there, but the stream reversed direction, revealed rapids and rendered navigation at Kiviniemi impossible. Since 1857 Lake Sukhodolskoye and Burnaya River have constituted the southern armlet of Vuoksi River, which has decreased the level of the original northern armlet flowing through Priozersk by 4 m.