Surveyor General of Western Australia

The Surveyor General of Western Australia is the person nominally responsible for government surveying in Western Australia.

In the early history of Western Australia, the office of surveyor general was one of the most important public offices. The first surveyor general, John Septimus Roe, was responsible for the laying out of many townsites, including Perth and Fremantle, and played a prominent role in the politics of the day. Another surveyor general, John Forrest, became Premier of Western Australia, and later a Cabinet minister in Australia's first federal government.

In modern times, the position of surveyor general has diminished in importance. It remains a statutory office, and is housed within the current agency named Landgate.

List of surveyors general of Western AustraliaEdit

This is a list of surveyors general of Western Australia.

Surveyor General Period in office
John Septimus Roe 1829-1872
Malcolm Fraser 1872-1883
John Forrest 1883-1890
John Sherlock Brooking 1887-1896 (acting to 1890)
Harry Johnston 1896-1915
Frederick Slade Drake-Brockman 1915-1917
Henry Sandford King 1918-1923
John Percy Camm 1923-1938
Walace Vernon Fyfe 1938-1945
Thomas Suter Parry 1945-1948
Wallace Vernon Fyfe 1948-1959
Harold Camm 1959-1968
John Frank Morgan 1968-1984
William George Henderson 1984-1986
Henry James Houghton 1986
Christopher Alan Grant 1987-1990
Henry James Houghton 1991-2001
Eugene Michael Browne 2001-2003
Kenneth Alexander 2003-2004
Grahame Searle 2005-2008
Mike Bradford 2008-2017
Dione Bilick 2017-Present

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