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Sureshot or Sure Shot may refer to:


Other usesEdit

  • nickname of Fred Dunlap (1859-1902), American Major League Baseball player and manager
  • nickname of Stella Dickson (1922-1995), American Depression-era bank robber with her husband Bennie
  • American nickname of the Canon AF35M 35mm camera
  • Sureshot (Transformers), a fictional character in the Transformers universe
  • Mission Man Band, also known as Sureshot, a 2007 American reality TV series, also the name of the newly formed band that is the focus of the series
  • Sureshot (film), a 1996 American film starring Danny Hoch and Mekhi Phifer

See alsoEdit

  • Annie Oakley (1860-1926), American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter nicknamed "Little Sure Shot" and "Little Miss Sure Shot"
  • Manuel Marulanda, a Colombian guerrilla commander nicknamed Tirofijo, Spanish for "Sureshot"