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Sūrat Muḥammad (Arabic: سُـورَة مُـحَـمَّـد‎, "Chapter of Muhammad") is the 47th sura of the Quran with 38 ayat. The title is derived from the direct mentioning of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in 47:2.[1] It also has the name of Al-Qiṫāl (Arabic: الـقِـتَـال‎), which translates to fighting due to the context of the sura.[2] This sura pertains to a specific conflict that arose from people prohibiting the acceptance and spread of Islam. It refers to the Battle of Badr, where an army was being gathered to attack Medina. The Battle of Badr took place during Ramadan, in year 2 of the Islamic calendar.[2]

Sura 47 of the Quran
PositionJuzʼ 26
No. of Rukus4
No. of verses38
9th century North African folio of ayah 9–15

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