Supreme Palace enclosure

Tai Wei Yuan, the Supreme Palace Enclosure (太微垣), is one of the San Yuan or Three enclosures. Stars and constellations of this group are visible during spring in the Northern Hemisphere (autumn in the Southern).

Asterisms edit

The asterisms are :

English name Chinese name Number of stars Western Constellation Additional notes Representing
Left Wall 太微左垣 5 Virgo / Coma Berenices Consists of :
  • The Left Law Administrator (左執法) → 1st star
  • The First Eastern Minister (東上相) → 2nd star
  • The Second Eastern Minister (東次相) → 3rd star
  • The Second Eastern General (東次將) → 4th star
  • The First Eastern General (東上將) → 5th star
Five guardian star in the left
Right Wall 太微右垣 5 Leo / Virgo Consists of :
  • The Right Law Administrator (右執法) → 1st star
  • The First Western General (西上將) → 2nd star
  • The Second Western General (西次將) → 3rd star
  • The Second Western Minister (西次相) → 4th star
  • The First Western Minister (西上相) → 5th star
Five guardian star in the right
Usher to the Court 謁者 1 Virgo The officer in charge to interview the guests, also was ordered to ambassador
Three Excellencies 三公 3 Virgo
Nine Senior Officers 九卿 3 Virgo Officials of nine luxury units
Five Lords 五諸侯 5 Coma Berenices Five lords of the Emperor
Inner Screen 內屏 4 Virgo Small wall within the door
Seats of the Five Emperors 五帝座 5 Leo Five Emperors chair
Officer of Honour 幸臣 1 Coma Berenices Favorite of the courtiers
Crown Prince 太子 1 Leo The crown prince
Retinue 從官 1 Leo The emperor's attendants
Captain of the Bodyguards 郎將 1 Coma Berenices High military officer
Emperor's Bodyguard 虎賁 1 Leo Palace garrison commanders
Imperial Guards 常陳 7 Canes Venatici / Ursa Major The army
Officers of the Imperial Guard 郎位 15 Coma Berenices Clerical officer in military
The Hall of Glory 明堂 3 Leo Places of Emperor Xuan Mingzheng early education
Astronomical Observatory 靈台 3 Leo The sky observatory
Junior Officers 少微 4 Leo / Leo Minor State official
Long Wall 長垣 4 Leo Border wall
Three Steps 三台 6 Ursa Major Consists of :
  • The First Upper Step (上台一) → 1st star
  • The Second Upper Step (上台二) → 2nd star
  • The First Middle Step (中台一) → 3rd star
  • The Second Middle Step (中台二) → 4th star
  • The First Lower Step (下台一) → 5th star
  • The Second Lower Step (下台二) → 6th star
Three rank official, or triple deck room in the heaven

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Tài Wēi Yuán map

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