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The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe is the highest court of order and the final court of appeal in Zimbabwe.

Supreme Court of Zimbabwe
EstablishedApril 18, 1980
(39 years ago)
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe
Coordinates17°49′32″S 31°03′08″E / 17.8256°S 31.0523°E / -17.8256; 31.0523Coordinates: 17°49′32″S 31°03′08″E / 17.8256°S 31.0523°E / -17.8256; 31.0523
Composition methodPresidential nomination with Judicial Service Commission confirmation
Authorized byConstitution of Zimbabwe
Number of positions9
Chief Justice of Zimbabwe
CurrentlyLuke Malaba
SinceApril 7, 2017

The judiciary is headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who, like the other justices, is appointed by the President on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission. The court consists of five members including the chief Justice. It has original jurisdiction over alleged violations of fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution and appellate jurisdiction over other matters.

The Supreme Court is separate from the High Court.


The Chief Justice, Luke Malaba, is the most senior justice. He succeeded the late Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku upon his retirement in 2017. The rest of the justices, ranked in order of seniority are:

Justice Sworn in Appointer Ref.
Luke Malaba (Chief Justice) July 2001 Robert Mugabe [2]
Elizabeth Gwaunza 2002 Robert Mugabe
Rita Makarau 2006 Robert Mugabe
Paddington Garwe 2010 Robert Mugabe
Marie-Anne Gowora 2 May 2012 Robert Mugabe
Ben Hlatshwayo May 2013 Robert Mugabe
Bharat Patel May 2013 Robert Mugabe
Antonia Guvava November 2013 Robert Mugabe
Chinembiri Bhunu 16 September 2015 Robert Mugabe
Susan Mavangira 16 September 2015 Robert Mugabe
Tendai Uchena 16 September 2015 Robert Mugabe
Francis Bere 11 May 2018 Emmerson Mnangagwa [3]
Lavender Makoni 11 May 2018 Emmerson Mnangagwa [3]

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