Supply Reef is a submerged circular reef of volcanic origin in the Northern Mariana Islands chain, about 10 kilometres (6 mi) NW of the Maug Islands. Presently this igneous seamount is roughly 8 metres (26 ft) below the ocean's surface and about 100 m (300 ft) in diameter. Apparent episodes of submarine volcanism were noted on December 22–24 and 26–27 in 1989.

Supply Reef
Supply Reef is located in Northern Mariana Islands
Supply Reef
Supply Reef is located in North Pacific
Supply Reef
Supply Reef (North Pacific )
Summit depth−8 m (−26 ft)
LocationNorthern Mariana Islands
Coordinates20°08′N 145°6′E / 20.133°N 145.100°E / 20.133; 145.100
CountryUnited States
TypeSubmarine volcano
Last eruptionSeptember to December 1989
Map including Supply Reef (labeled as 'reef') (DMA, 1983)

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