Suor Emanuelle (Sister Emanuelle) is a 1977 exploitation film. It can be classified under both the nunsploitation and sexploitation exploitation film subgenres. It is part of the long running Black Emanuelle series of films starring Laura Gemser.[1]

Suor Emanuelle
Directed byGiuseppe Vari
Written byGerolamo Collogno
Mario Gariazzo
Ambrogio Molteni
Palmambrogio Molteni
Screenplay byMarino Onorati
StarringLaura Gemser
Mónica Zanchi
Gabriele Tinti
Vinja Locatelli
Music byStelvio Cipriani
CinematographyGuglielmo Mancori
Edited byGiuseppe Vari
Distributed bySeverin (US), X-rated Kult DVD (Germany)
Release date
  • 1977 (1977)
Running time
88 minutes


Renouncing her sinful past Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) moves into a convent and becomes a nun, dedicating her life to religion and rejecting sin. Monika (Mónica Zanchi), a free-spirited daughter of a rich Baron, joins the convent. She tells one sister how she was sexually assaulted by a group of young men; this gains her sympathy from her fellow sisters.[2] Monika has sex and performs various sex acts with various men in and around the convent. Various nuns witness this, causing them to question their faith and break their repression. Monika has a sexual relationship with another sister and blackmails her (by refusing sex) if she does not comply with her demands. Later a mysterious man armed with a gun visits the convent. He has sex with Monika; witnessed by most nuns in the convent. Monika is later dismissed. Emanuelle later leaves of her own free will.[3]



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